Head coach Mike Joyce thanks the fans. — Ivy Ashe

When Ken Goldberg, MVTV sportscaster and emcee for the championship rally held Friday at Dreamland, introduced the varsity basketball team to the crowd, he spoke of tradition. The boys, fresh off a hard-fought loss in the state semifinals and a similarly hard-earned win in the Division 3 South Section finals, were following in the footsteps of the basketball programs that had come before them: the 1973 and 1979 squads that had also played at the TD Garden, the state-championship-winning girls’ teams of 1979 and 1981, and the talented groups that drew full houses to the high school gym on Tuesday and Friday nights.

“It’s not surprising this team got to the Garden,” Mr. Goldberg said, introducing the players one by one.

Senior co-captains Izak Browne and Jack Roberts stepped onstage to thank the fans for their support over the season and in the playoffs, Browne occasionally glancing down at the South Section trophy he held. Head coach Mike Joyce picked up the microphone to offer thanks of his own, describing the feeling of glancing around the TD Garden at halftime and seeing the rows and rows of supporters in the stands, from current students to people he himself had played.

“It seems like we get one step further every year,” he said “Hopefully next year it’ll be two steps. It’s been a blast to coach these guys.”