You are never too old or young to soar. That is the message one gets from watching the dancers perform in What’s Written Within. The show takes place this Sunday, March 24, beginning at 4 p.m. at the Hebrew Center in Vineyard Haven.

The story of the dance troupe begins six years ago when a few women began getting together once a week to explore modern dance. Today there are 20 core members who meet three times a week, year-round — woman on Tuesdays and Thursdays and men on Wednesdays. Some of the members have had extensive dance training and some have had little or none. They gather to experience the joy of moving, and a few times a year they invite the public in to see what they have created. They troupe has performed at the Hebrew Center, the Yard and Built on Stilts. Guest artists from the Yard will also appear in this show.

A few years ago Michele Mola, a dancer from New York, was teaching a class to her company at The Yard. She was asking the students to improvise but they were struggling. She urged them to simply dance from what’s written within. On Sunday everyone is invited to experience what the dancers discovered.