Chilmark has every reason to be proud of its citizens who volunteer to challenge some of the town’s problems and needs. It isn’t easy to find time in our busy lives of the 21st century to do pro bono work for a town, but some people do it every day. No one has a clear picture of what the future holds for any of our towns, but to try to prepare for some agreed future possibilities is admirable. It is unfortunate that individual citizens are singled out for public criticism when we depend on the united efforts of all our citizens for the continued operation and successes of our individual towns.

Please take the time to read the proposed bylaw regarding the sizes of future Chilmark homes. Understand that those who have worked on this bylaw know no more than you or me what may actually come to Chilmark, but they have volunteered to try to prepare a network to protect our town in the future. If you have any thoughts not expressed, you are invited to attend the upcoming public hearing on April 11 at 5 p.m. at the Chilmark library and the town meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Apr. 22 at the community center and contribute your ideas. There are no bylaws written that do not allow for modifications down the years, and this one has been written now as a majority of our voters have indicated that this subject requires immediate attention.

Congratulations to Chilmark fifth-grade student Dash Christy, who made it to a runner-up spot in the annual Martha’s Vineyard Spelling Bee on March 22. Dash is the son of Todd and Jenny Christy of Chilmark. Edgartown sixth-grader Alexis Condon won this year’s competition.

The Chilmark library will host the final workshop on CLAMS taught by Lisa Sherman on Wednesday at 5 p.m. All are welcome.

The students of the Chilmark School were entertained by magician Scott Jameson on Monday last at the school. The treat was a gift from the PTO.

Don’t forget the PTO’s annual dance at the Community Center on April 6. It will include food, auction, raffles and more. The theme is a country hoedown — costumes are often seen at this annual fundraiser.

The public forum hosted by the Chilmark planning board will be on April 22 at 5 p.m. at the Chilmark Library.

Selectman Bill Rossi and his family are home from an eventful and exciting vacation trip to Australia. They went to visit their daughter Haley, who is spending a semester there. A good time was had by all.

The Chilmark church is happy to tell us that Sandy Bitterman Atwood will perform a harp solo at the Easter service on Sunday at 9 a.m. She is an acclaimed musician and has played at the church on past occasions to much praise. The church will conduct an Easter egg hunt for children following the Easter service.

Tim Carroll is back at his town hall desk after a week of fun in the sun in Florida.

The holiday weekend promises warm temperatures and our many visitors will appreciate it as much as we will. If you wish to share your holiday adventures and guests with the rest of us, please email or call me.

Caleb, Chris and Celia Slater will visit for the weekend and prepare the boats for the eventual launchings. They have endured a snowy winter in Northbridge where snow is still piled high.