Well, it is spring but winter refuses to leave on schedule. Last Friday we awoke to a seven-inch snowfall. Now if the jet stream would kindly move north we could enjoy a taste of spring. Today is Good Friday and the beginning of the Easter weekend. Monday is April Fool’s Day, so be wary of practical jokes.

The congregational church has held its last Wednesday night supper of the season. Kim Johnson reports that the holiest week on the Christian calendar is also drawing to a close at the church, where they have been busy all week preparing for Easter. Last night, a service of Tennebrae led by the board of deacons took place. Easter services will include a sunrise (6 a.m.) mass at the home of Ann Nelson and a 10 a.m. service at the agricultural hall, which will include Sunday school and an egg hunt for the children after services. The Rev. Cathlin Baker will lead the congregation.

Carol Carrick will be returning home the first weekend in April after four months spent in Gulfport, Fla. She and Jack Burton went ballroom dancing for two hours a day, four days a week. They also hiked through nature parks and on beaches and rode bike trails. She said there appeared to be a lot of crime as she heard police sirens several times a day. She calls it “Florida music.” She reports that one afternoon she left her bike on the porch just long enough to go inside to a get a banana and when she came out still wearing her helmet the bike had been stolen. She looks forward to coming home, but wonders how long it will take to adjust from 80 degree heat to the spring snow.

Kim Elias of Oak Lane proudly reports that her daughter Hannah, a Roger Williams University sophomore, is set to compete in the novice flat division this weekend at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association regional championships at Mystic Valley Hunt Club. She earned her berth with a first place finish at last weekend’s Holy Cross show. She ends this season with a total of three first place and two second place finishes. Good luck to Hannah and the rest of the equestrian team!

7a Foods, operated by Dan Sauer and Winonah Madison, opens for the season on Monday.

David McCullough Jr. and his son David McCullough 3rd spent the weekend at his parents’ place on Music street.

Old friend Elisha Smith died last Friday. He was a farmer, a member of the Agricultural Society and its president for several years. Elisha would always have a story to tell you along with a number of jokes. Many people turned out for the funeral service and luncheon at the agricultural hall. He will be missed and we send our condolences to his family.

On Monday, longtime summer resident and old friend Anthony Lewis died. Tony was a New York Times correspondent for years and before building a house on Deep Bottom Pond, he spent many a summer in town. My condolences to his family.

Tara Whiting, town clerk, would like to remind voters that the town meeting is April 9 at 7 p.m. in the school gym. Town reports are now available at town hall. The town election is April 11 from noon to 8 p.m. at the public safety building. Absentee ballots are available for those who cannot make it to the polls. A special state primary to fill John Kerry’s seat will be held on April 30. Voter registration deadline for the primary is April 10. If you have any questions, call Tara at 508-696-0148.

Through Cape Light Compact, which offers an energy credit to their customers, I’ve had insulation work done at my house for the past two years. It all starts with a free energy audit of your house. This last week Nauset Insulation did some work in hard-to-get-at space under my house. They were respectful of the old house and insulated all the cold spots.

On Easter Sunday in 1946, the congregational church held a special service. The first part of it included all the Sunday school children, including Rita and Winnie Alley, Sylvia and Carol Spencer, Virginia Bardwell, Jane Austin, Judith Barker, Crichton Magee and Robert Vincent. The girls were dressed in crepe paper costumes representing spring flowers. An Easter song was sung by all the children who were accompanied by Priscilla Fischer at the piano. Pansy plants were given to each child by James Alley. After a short sermon by the pastor, William Thompson, Inez Cahoon and George Magnuson sang a duet of Easter hymns. The church was attractively decorated with lilies, jonquils and forsythia.

Birthday greetings to Holly Wayman, Larry Greenburg, Matthew Hayden and Charles Deary today; to Andrew Nelson, Pat Fitzpatrick and Donna Paulock tomorrow; to Linda Gandel, Carl Van Rooyen, Emily Cohen, Nancy Cole, Mary Keenan, Lori Ionnitiu and Robert Berosh on Sunday; to Mickey Stone, Alison Barrett, Abigail Entner and Bob Woodruff on Monday; to Jennie Gadowski, Joan Huston, Randi Sylvia and John Stanwood on Tuesday; to Wyatt Jenkinson, Deborah Mayhew, Stacey Gouldrup and Tom Gervais on Wednesday; and to Marlene DiStefano, John Hoff and Andrew Worlock on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to Alcone Oliveria and June Manning.

Well, that is all of the social news for this edition. Please call or email me with news you wish to share. I am quite sure that on Sunday the ladies will be wearing colorful Easter bonnets and the men will be sporting new neckties. Those of us with a Portuguese heritage will continue the time-honored tradition of giving a loaf of Easter sweet bread (with hard-boiled eggs inside) to friends and neighbors. Best wishes for a happy Easter!