A look at home sales, prices and available homes throughout each of the Island towns during January 2013. The absorption rate records the rate at which homes are selling in a given area. It is calculated by taking the total number of homes in a six-month period and dividing it by the total number of homes for sale at the end of that six month period. The percent of assessed value compares the average assessed value of all properties sold with the average sale price of all properties, giving an indication of how closely sale prices reflect assessed values.

All data is provided by LINK, the Island's multiple listing service.


 Island   TotalsAquinnah  Chilmark  Edgartown Oak   Bluffs Vineyard   Haven   West     Tisbury 
Homes for Sale3782141118856746
Sold Properties14014540
Absorption Rates12 months21 months20 months11 months10 months13 months11 months      
Highest Sold Price$1,395,000N/A$843,500$1,325,000$710,000  $1,395,000N/A                
Percent of Assessed Value97%N/A68%100%79%125%N/A
Average Price$723,536N/A$843,500$883,750$425,000$906,000N/A
Median Price$636,250N/A$843,500$853,750$495,000$895,000N/A