Chilmark’s annual town meeting at the Chilmark Community Center on Monday last was over before 11 p.m. and more than that, the voters voted in favor of a bylaw that is the beginning of some landmark rulings in the future size of new houses in town. The discussion was detailed and the comments were all thoughtful and sincere. It is a tribute to the hours of work put in by the planning board subcommittee, and the in-depth interest of the residents. We hope it is the beginning of a carefully planned future for our town. Thanks to our able moderator, Everett Poole, the evening’s business was conducted by the book and with dignity.

I thought you might enjoy some numbers from the town report of 1913 that tell us there were 179 houses in town on 10,346 acres. The town assets listed the steamroller at $2,500 and the Menemsha School at $1,000. We had over 2,000 sheep, 87 horses and eight swine in town that year. Men were still the only voters, and the selectmen were Henry A. Allen, Horace L. Flanders and Cyrus C. Look. If our town has changed this much in 100 years, what do the next 100 years have in store for us? The citizens clearly had that thought in mind on Monday night when they voted.

The Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Association’s annual fundraiser was last weekend at the community center and was well attended. Word is that the shellfish was delicious and the music fine enough for some dancing. My message is for you to plan ahead and be there next year for the fun.

All Martha’s Vineyard youth ages 14 to 18 are invited to attend the Youth Leadership Summit Orientation on Friday, May 3, at 2:15 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s library conference room. There will be speakers and videos. The 31st Women’s Symposium will be held at the Chilmark community center on Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to noon. The subject of the speakers is The Power of Words. Admission is free but a donation is appreciated to cover costs. We are pleased to tell you that Marguarite Cottle is back in her home on D.H.’s Hill. Her Chilmark friends are happy for that.

Marshall and Katie Carroll, along with daughter Bradley and son Brooks are home after an exciting tour of Ireland. Thanks to their photo talents, they shared many pictures with us all via Facebook and we thank them.

Andy and Susan Goldman are home after a week’s visit with Andy’s son Adam and his family in Florida.

Peter G. Neumann, a lifelong seasonal Chilmarker, was featured in a lengthy article in mercurynews.com, an Internet news site. Peter is called “The top cop on the hair-raising cybersecurity beat.” His work is cutting-edge and complicated to all but the elite in the field. Peter is now 80 but not planning to cut back his intense sleuthing schedule and will still visit his Chilmark home for only three weeks in June/July. His daughter, Helen, is a year-round resident. Peter resides in Menlo Park with his wife Liz. We look forward to seeing him this summer. If you try, you may be able to read the interesting article by going to the above online address. Bruce Neumann was the writer.

Remember to vote on April 30 at the Chilmark community center. You will be given two ballets for the dual election. One will be for the town articles and elections, and the other will be the primary ballot for the federal senate race. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Pathways Projects will hold its final events this coming weekend. They are planning a finale and honoraria awards to Island artists on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Chilmark Tavern.

Sarah Nixon sends good news and bad from the Home Port and Beach Plum Inn. First, she asks our prayers for Gillian, an 18-year-old member of the Home Port staff who was injured in the Boston bombing and will require a long recovery period. We are so sorry and we all wish Gillian good health and hope to see her in Menemsha soon.

The Beach Plum Inn will open May 3 with Chilmark’s Chris Fischer of Beetlebung Farm as the new chef featuring all the good Island-grown and caught foods. Please call the Inn for reservations and hours of service.

The Home Port Restaurant will welcome Chef Safranek and his wife Angela Vezzose as co-chefs this summer. They will open the popular landmark restaurant on Memorial Day weekend. Again, best to call for hours and reservations.