Friday, May 17 : Bright, sunny. The Point Way Inn is a quiet step away from the bustle of Main street. Wisteria join the chorus of blossoming flowers. Memorial Park lawn is lush. Bicyclists take a break and sit on benches, look at their maps and iPhones and appear to have a leisurely afternoon.

Saturday, May 18: Lambert’s Cove Inn lilacs bob in a light breeze. Clear. Halo appears around the sun. Spreading oak leaves fill the trees around Norton Farm. Freshly plowed soil is fragrant.

Sunday, May 19: Partly sunny, increasing clouds. Warm. Rain arrives in afternoon and into the evening.

Monday, May 20: Drizzle ends by 5 a.m. A damp landscape. Foggy morning. Thick clouds hang low. Gradual clearing at noontime. Crews at Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard work hard and fast, delivering boats back into the water. Temperature rises into the 70s. Late afternoon clouds bring the temperature down quickly.

Tuesday, May 21 : Thick fog is so dense, the Oak Bluffs bandstand disappears. Low ceiling lifts by midmorning. Patchy blue sky in time for lunch. Early afternoon is warm. Partly sunny. Fog returns and settles over Menemsha Channel. Aquinnah disappears from view for those standing outside Home Port Restaurant. Basin boats silhouetted against a brightly setting foggy sun.

Wednesday, May 22: Vineyard Haven harbor is gray, no horizon for arriving first ferry. Damp. Muggy. Not as warm. The sound of timber and concrete being crunched, broken and dropped is heard across downtown Vineyard Haven, as the old fire station comes down with the work of a diesel-powered excavator. Clouds thicken in late afternoon. Hazy cool skies in the afternoon. Brief periods of bright sunshine.

Thursday, May 23: The weekend forecast is for partly sunny skies, a chance of passing rain showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures in the 60s.

- M.A.L.