Frank R. Lautenberg, the five-term senator from New Jersey who was known for his tough stance on an array of issues from gun control to tobacco laws, died Monday morning in Manhattan. Senator Lautenberg was 89 and a longtime seasonal resident of the Vineyard where he had owned a home on West Chop since 1977.

The cause of death was complications from viral pneumonia. He was the oldest member of the Senate and the last surviving senator to have served in World War II.  On the Vineyard, Senator Lautenberg enjoyed his summer vacations with his family at his West Chop home, the former Colgate property. Through the years he made frequent appearances at Democratic summer fundraisers held on the Vineyard.

“He was a tough guy; the best thing about him was his politics,” said Ronald H. Rappaport, an Edgartown attorney who represented the senator in his Vineyard property affairs for some 20 years. “ It was a privilege to represent Senator Lautenberg. He passionately loved the Vineyard and I will really miss our interactions,” Mr. Rappaport said.

The New York Times carried a full obituary on its website Monday.