The stage at Flatbread was packed with instruments on Monday night and the dance floor filled with fans standing shoulder to shoulder. Deer Tick, an alternative rock band from Providence, R.I., was back in town after a two-year hiatus.

The band jumped feet-first into their set. Their style is shamelessly and classically authentic. The vintage whirl of a Hammond B-3 organ blended beautifully with a pair of rancorous guitars.

Concertgoers on Monday night were among the first to hear new tracks from Deer Tick’s upcoming album, Negativity. The band’s new releases are a study in duality, combining the hard-life themes of blues music with the overdriven façade of a group that would rather fight back than wallow in its misery. Deer Tick’s new music was met with wholehearted appreciation from their fans at Flatbread, who jumped and cheered along as though they were hearing old favorites.

Island locals DCLA (short for Duke’s County Love Affair) warmed the crowd up. Frontman Mike Parker two-stepped his way around the stage working the crowd with the charisma of a modern Mick Jagger while the rest of the band grooved behind him, shouting high-speed rhymes through a bullhorn.

Call it crowd control for the uncontrollable.