Don’t tell me there is no climate change going on when Martha’s Vineyard has been experiencing monsoons like Southeast Asia. Anyone allergic to mildew? Well, in spite of the iffy weather, the Berman clan has made it to the Island for their 15th summer on the water in Vineyard Haven. Alan and Michele Berman are hosting their six grandchildren, children, friends and the family dog, Huck. Son MJ and his wife Annie Lou traveled from Washington, D.C., with their four children: twins Nell and Scottie celebrated their second birthday on July 1st with brothers Teddy, age 3, and Charlie, age 5. The kids are looking forward to horseback riding, tennis, swimming and attending camp in West Chop. The family was helped out for birthday celebrations by the Brooklyn contingent, son Greg and his wife Carolyn. They brought their daughters Hannah, now 14 and ready for high school in September, and 10-year-old Milly who has become quite a chef and made the cupcakes for the twins’ party. The cousins will be beaching, collecting rocks and sea glass, swimming, playing games and hanging out together. Hannah has taken a week-long break from summer theater camp to join in on the fun on Island. Same time, same place, and, as we say in Brooklyn, wait till next year!

The party for Corliss Maciel at the P.A. Club last Saturday was a huge success. If you could not attend, call me to get the address for donations. We wish Corly continued recovery. All his many, many friends are pulling for him.

Another West Chop summer regular, investment banker and noted author Amor Towles will be the guest speaker for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum on Thursday, July 11. The program begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Federated Church in Edgartown. Museum members are admitted for $8, nonmembers are all welcome for $12. Amor has published many books but will talk about his smash hit, Rules of Civility, which was a New York Times best seller. The Wall Street Journal referred to it as one of the 10 top works of fiction published that year. I’ll see you there.

Our town is just bursting with literary talent. Also on the Island this week is award-winning journalist Philip Dine, who is enjoying a low-key family vacation with his Debbie, Jesse, and Joele. Phil won’t be speaking in public. The group is trying to go beaching between raindrops and enjoy dinners at Giordano’s and reconnecting with Island friends. However, his terrific book, State of the Unions, is now out in a revised and updated paperback and e-book version. There are special reflections on the current war on labor. Now you all know where I stand on this important topic. I am a confirmed trade unionist, and I know I say this on this off-the-books underground resort economy. I have read Phil’s book twice in the past, Nonna has read it, and I am looking forward to the updated version. You may request it at

For those of you who keep track of my wide-ranging eclectic reading, I should mention I am just finishing George Packer’s The Unwinding. It’s nonfiction. An interesting explanation of how and when the you-know-what hit the you-know-what in our falling apart economy.

Cora Medeiros’s annual birthday party is always considered to be our Tisbury Street Fair. I’m sure you will turn out en masse next Monday night. Fears about parking and transportation are handily taken care of by free parking and free shuttle service from the high school to Main street. See you at the fair.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Steve and Judy Nichols on July 9.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Michael McCluskey and Pat Murphy today. July 6 is shared by Kerry Sertl and Carol Fleming. July 7 shines on Kyle Natichioni, Peggy Jewett, Cathy Burdick and Julie Fisher. July 8 is claimed by Jordan Stallings. July 9 is a big old party for Matt Lobdell, Gloria Mendez, Nancy Hoffmann, Richard Clark, Bruce Bailey, Nathan Herrick and Betty Cormier. July 10 belongs to Orla O’Connor. And on July 11, Alden Besse and Denny Freitas take the cake. Many happy returns.