Well I thought we were melting but I guess it was just my imagination. It was one of the hottest Fourth of Julys I can remember. Now it is a little cooler but not by much. Wasn’t it yesterday that we were just complaining about how cold it was and we couldn’t wait for the warm weather? Be careful what you wish for! Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Jonathan James Polleys (J.J.) who celebrated his day July 6, Parker BenDavid and Maximillian Vaughn, June 7, Ashley Brasefield, July 8, Matthew Fish, Emily Gilley, Erin Gilley, and Annabelle Thomas, who all celebrated July 9, and to Amy Maeda who celebrated her day July 10.

It was a great Fourth of July. There were lots of people, lots of sun and lots of fog. The parade was one of the biggest. Just before the parade, Al Noyes was going up the road to tell the officer to stop letting cars come down because they needed more space for the floats on Robinson Road.

I never go down to the fireworks as I can see the big ones over the school most of the time. I know there is a lot of grief going on about the fireworks but we have gone through this for as long as I can remember and the town even stopped them for a few years because of the uncertainty of the fog. But many people wanted them back (besides the merchants) and much to the pleasure of many, they decided to do them again. So we pray for the best and hope next year is a better year and we can see them. But all in all, it was a great Fourth and we thank all those who put their time and patience into getting the whole celebration together.

Jimmy and Patty Santos, from The Villages in Florida, arrived on Wednesday for what has now become their annual July stay with Edgartown classmate, Pat Tyra and her husband, Harold Bauld, on Shurtleff Way. As usual Jimmy is looking forward to the OB Portuguese Feast, sweet bread, swimming at State Beach, sailing, “scratching” for clams with Pat and visiting family. Patty is busy planning the annual gathering at the Tyra house on Planting Field Way. Harold is staying out of the way and watching the Red Sox!

The Katama Association annual business and social meeting will be held at the Winnetu/Lure Grill this Sunday, July 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A light brunch will be served while members mingle and catch up on Katama news. New members are welcome.

It was great to see the lights on in my neighbor’s yard. Drew and Paula Smith were home for the Fourth of July. Paula is working in England and they flew home for the holiday to celebrate with their family and friends.

My family was all here from Somerset except for great niece Kaleigh and her son Findley. It was great to see them all and next year we will have an addition as my nephew Doug’s wife is due to have a baby boy Christmas Day.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.