My dreams have been dashed once again. For the past few weeks I have awakened at four or five in the morning to the dulcet sounds of another rooster in our neighborhood. I was so happy! Shades of Rupert and the big rooster controversy that tore this ‘hood apart a few years back. Well, I know Rupert is safely ensconced in the witness protection program, I cannot tell you more. I was thrilled to think another boy was crowing and looking forward to doing battle again with you know who. I mentioned it to my summer housemate, Teri Praskach. Without further ado, Teri went to her bedroom and fetched her alarm clock. Alas! Yup, she programmed it to sound like a rooster crowing. I am so disappointed.

Holly Hollingsworth Towles has a visitor, her college roommate, O’Brien Young. O’Brien lives in San Francisco and, hard to believe, but this is her first visit to the Island. Holly intends to show her everything from Aquinnah to the gingerbread cottages. Last night they were to attend son Amor Towles talk at the Federated Church in Edgartown under sponsorship of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Acclaimed author Amor was holding forth on his hit book, Rules of Civility. Holly and O’Brien have kept in close touch. They graduated Harvard/Radcliffe in ‘59. Now for those of you young women who are enjoying the fruits of the feminist movement second wave, here’s the story: Back when O’Brien and Holly and I were at college certain schools had a “sister” school and women were not allowed at Harvard. Radcliffe was the women’s division. At Columbia it was Barnard, and so on. I have often spoken about this to the younger girls and they find it really hard to believe. And forget about funding for girls’ sports! Thank goodness the change has come. Holly is having a party in O’Brien’s honor, catered by Lisa Rubin who promises to make her famous cherry pie with the shortbread crust. We wish O’Brien a delightful visit and hope she will return.

The ladies are welcome to stop at the Sovereign Bank, Chilmark branch, for an artist’s reception tomorrow, Saturday, July 13 from 5 to 8 p.m. John Wightman will present his annual Island Images photography as he has for 35 years. The show continues during regular bank hours through July 19. Not only are there new photos and subjects, but his work is also available on tile, canvas, and watercolor paper. An added attraction this year are mother-of-pearl necklaces. Jan Wightman, his devoted and talented wife, will also be there to meet and greet. Nonna and I are going. We’ll see you there.

Tuesday, July 16 presents other events for your summer pleasure. Our Shaw Cramer Gallery at 56 Main street in Vineyard Haven is hosting a talk on group shows at the gallery. Vineyard artist Elizabeth Taft will join Heather Sommers and Ruth Kirchmeier for the conversation. You are all welcome at 6 p.m. to meet the artists and view the show.

Also that night our Vineyard Haven Public Library presents a talk at 7 p.m. in the program room. Noted English professor from Swarthmore, Phil Weinstein, will speak on Becoming Jonathan Franzen: A Writer’s Odyssey. Whenever I read a Franzen book I just can’t put it down till I’m done. I’ll see you there.

Confidential to Lyn K: I took out a new non-fiction release at our library, I had never heard of it. Full Body Burden, written by a woman who grew up in Rocky Flats, Colo. Disturbing but beautifully written, it is of the same vein as A Civil Action, Silkwood, Erin Brockovich – you get the picture. More coverups and more poison in our beautiful country.

The West Tisbury Library carries on with its programs entertaining the young ones even as their new library is being built. All kids and summer guests are invited to the West Tisbury story hour at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 18. Remember, any kids under eight must have a grown-up present.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Betty Burton, Dick Iacovello, and Veraniece Martins today. Tomorrow is a party for Nancy McPartlin Gardella, Jaron Schilling, Thomasina Petrone, Karen Lobdell, Nevenka Daniels, and Talula Goldberry Martin. July 14 shines on Ronda MacLeod, Bob Wheeler, and Alanna Majors. July 15 belongs to Laurel Redington Whitaker, Pam Alley and Courtenay Stanley. July 16 is for Karen English, Dan Manning and Shawna Medeiros. July 17 – how could I ever forget it? – honors my son, Chris Clark, Daniel Van Landingham, Jay and Dana Bangs, Jessica Slocum and Barbara Masters. And on July 18 Margaret Tileston, Fred Kingsley, Ben Araujo, and Paige Donovan take the cake. Many happy returns.