An Edgartown woman has decided to euthanize her dog after he was involved in a fight with another dog earlier this month.

The Edgartown selectmen opened a vicious or nuisance dog hearing Monday about a fight involving Ann Wales’s dog, Tommy, a pit bull/hound cross and Damon Burke’s dog, Ramune, an American Staffordshire terrier.

On July 6 assistant animal control officer Jennifer Morgan said a call about a dog fight came through the communications center. A second call came that the situation was under control, she said, but she responded anyway.

“The dogs were pretty badly beaten up and clearly needed vet care,” Ms. Morgan said. She said both dogs were taken to the veterinarian, and then placed into mandatory 10 day quarantine: Ms. Wales’s dog went home, she said, and Mr. Burke’s dog was placed in quarantine at the town pound.

Animal control officer Barbara Prada said the dogs were also involved in an earlier fight when Ms. Wales was taking them for a walk.

Ms. Wales said the public hearing wasn’t necessary because she had decided to euthanize Tommy on Tuesday.

Mr. Burke asked for a continuance on the hearing so he could gather appropriate information. Last week the selectmen were told that Mr. Burke’s dog was involved in an incident in Oak Bluffs.

Stephanie Burke, Ms. Wales’s sister and Mr. Burke’s mother, told selectmen that she felt that Ms. Morgan wanted Ramune destroyed and that there have been inconsistencies in reports. She said the incident happened inside the house with family-owned dogs and that no people were bitten.

The selectmen agreed to continue the hearing until next week, and ordered Mr. Burke to keep the dog on a leash and muzzled when on walks and to keep the dog in a crate if nobody is home. Selectmen also said the dog should be under Mr. Burke’s care after he is released from quarantine but before the hearing.