If the summer traffic is starting to fray your nerves, think Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Festival held at the Lampost on Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs. The event is billed as the only profanity-free comedy fest in the nation and features primarily African American comedians who offer “originality and sophistication while on stage.”

Earlier this week Damon Williams took the stage along with Tony Sculfield, B-Phlat and Steve Brown.

Tony Tone, Marlon Mitchell, Cool-Aide and Pierre perform August 22 to 24.

A new aspect of the event is to expand its reach through video streaming. Comedy enthusiasts can listen with their smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. A portion of the proceeds from the streaming video will be donated to the Thurgood Marshall College, a philanthropic organization that raises funds for college tuition for black students and general scholarship funds for 54 schools.

For more information, visit marthasvineyardcomedy.com or by emailing Steve Capers at steve.capers@knock-knockproductions.com.