This week we are getting every kind of weather we can get this time of year. Rain, sunshine with no humidity, sunshine with lots of humidity, sunshine just beautiful. Hope everyone is enjoying it.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Bethany Felix, who celebrated her day August 17, Victor Valentim, August 19, Taylor Fauteux, August 20, and to Anthony Chick, who celebrated his day August 24.

Happy birthday wishes go to Linley Dolby who celebrated her day August 23, and on the same day she and her husband David Weagle celebrated their wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful wedding and I believe it is their eighth anniversary. Time sure does fly. Here’s to many more years together.

It seems like the summer is complete now that Illumination has come and gone, along with the fair and the fireworks. The weather cooperated and the crowds were large and it was all worth it for all involved.

I had company for two days. My niece Amanda and her friend Thom came for Illumination and then five paramedics from Fall River who work with them, and Kate Conde, who also does shifts in Fall River, was also a hostess to the group. It was a fun night seeing all the people and having people see the lights for the first time. We ate at the Lookout and enjoyed watching the steamships coming in and out. The night was calm and the water was beautiful, then on to Illumination and then a stop at Nancy’s. We sat on the top floor and found seats, which we thought was strange on a very busy night, only to find out it was a little chilly up there. But we enjoyed looking at all the boats and watched people on the streets and those taking the launch back to their boats. After, we headed back to Edgartown and made a stop at the Wharf. Now I am not old but I’m also not as young as I used to be, and I haven’t had a night like that for a long time, but the night was fun. I don’t drink so I was the designated driver, as was Kate, so we had a safe night.

Thursday my niece Lori Boulanger Noble came with her daughter Sabrina. Now the fair is great, but there is nothing like seeing the fair through the eyes of an 18 month old at her first fair. She was all wide-eyed and loved seeing the animals. She was a little hesitant of petting a few of them but after watching a little boy playing with the pigs in their pens she thought she might join in. She ran around and then ate half of my tempura, then some hamburger from her mother, then she was off. We rode some rides but her favorite was the slide with Amanda. Needless to say she fell asleep on the boat on her way home and slept through the night with dreams of her first fair.

Congratulations to Edgartown School sixth grader Molly Pogue, who designed the T-shirt for the 5K Pennywise Path Run/Walk on Monday, September 2 to benefit the Edgartown Library. The first 100 registrants of this USATF-certified event get one. So hurry! Forms are available at the library or call 508-627-4221 for more information. Friends of the Library are the proud sponsors.

Deborah MacInnis wrote to inform me that the library’s Pagoda tree is in bloom for the third time in its life. If the winds are calm, the bees may find the flowers, and we will have seed pods in the fall. The scent of the flowers is so faint that if it is windy the bees won’t find the flowers.

From Helen Koch at Tracker Home Decor: On Wednesday August 28, from 5 to 8 p.m. we are having a party in honor of our good friend and Edgartown resident Mary Ella Gabler, the founder of Peacock Alley Linens. Not only are we celebrating her 40 years in business, but also the launch of her new book, Uncommon Thread. In addition to the party, we are offering 20 per cent off on all Peacock Alley special orders.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.