Last year the North Water Gallery in Edgartown held a plein air event that included several of their artists taking to the streets of Edgartown during a weeklong period and producing works of art to be sold at the end of the week. Art lovers enjoyed the event so much that this year it has been expanded to include the Christina Gallery and Piknik Art and Apparel, both also located in Edgartown.

The painting begins on Monday, Sept. 9 and continues through Friday, Sept. 13, when all of the artists bring their works to their respective galleries. Each gallery will then clear wall space to hang the finished pieces. “Hot off the easel,” according to Robin Nagle, gallery director at North Water. On Saturday, Sept. 14, each gallery will host a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. for all of the artists.

Nearly 20 artists have signed on to participate, including local painters and off-Island talent. Marilyn Simandle, an impressionist represented by the Christina Gallery, is making the trip to the Vineyard for the first time from her native California. Admirers of her work, shown at the gallery for six years now, have the chance to both meet the artist and watch her create new works. Local artists include Anne McGhee, Traeger di Pietro, John Hagen, Ken Vincent and Dan VanLandingham, to name but a few. Other off-Island artists include John Traynor, Lillia Frantin and David Bareford.

Each day during the week the artists will check in with their gallery and let them know where in Edgartown they plan to paint. Everyone is invited to check in with the galleries, too, and then go watch their favorite, or soon-to-be favorite, artist create a new work in real time. Many of the artists are experienced in the art of plein air, while for others this will be an experience in stretching their repertoire. In either case, they will all be wearing the same style white T-shirt with the words Edgartown Plein Air 2013 Artist on the back. Look for them on the streets of town, down by the harbor, on Chappy, or on the outskirts at farms and quiet byways.

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