I have been meaning to compliment all the businesses and private homes in Vineyard Haven who have done a stupendous job this year with plantings and flowers. It seems like this is the best year ever. Special mention to Mike and Elaine Ciancio on Franklin street who have planted so many beautiful flowers. I think the grown kids and grandkids had something to do with this.

We packed Chris Paffendorf off and she continues her cross-country odyssey by making a second stop in Rhinebeck, N.Y., to visit her friend Joan. Besides fond memories, Chris left behind a treasure trove of all things cactus – drinking glasses, chip bowls, you name it. We know she has moved to New Mexico. Same time, next year.

Remember I told you Chris could not get a ticket to her beloved Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival because it was already sold out? Richard Paradise presents a second chance for many of us on Saturday, Sept. 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society in the Tisbury Marketplace. Join us there for the jury competition replay of international short films.

Nonna and I attended a fabulous baby shower on Sunday at the Legion Hall in Edgartown for expectant parents Joao and Laine Prata. They know it will be a boy and have named him Bernardo. My mother was pleased to meet some of her Brazilian friends and enjoy the delicious food, all made by Joao and Laine. Little Bernardo is expected to make his appearance in mid October. Wonder of wonders, I found out Mom is on Facebook due to some pictures taken at the party and posted that day.

Our library had a very successful road race last Sunday. Hang up your running shoes until next year and come by tomorrow between 1 and 3 p.m. to pick up your winter reading at the monthly mini-book sale. Books are great to have on hand when the weather is too slick for running.

The library continues to feature photographer Chris Wright in its Art in the Stacks program through Oct. 4. You may view his work during regular library hours.

Confidential to Lyn K: I have just finished reading Going Clear by Lawrence Wright, a 2013 release about Scientology. It covers everything you might have heard and more you didn’t suspect. Holy cow, I hope Wright and his family have bodyguards. You can get this new release at the library. I have also finished the Age of Edison by Ernest Freeberg. Nonna read Son of a Gun, a memoir by Justin St. Germain, and A Christmas Garland by Anne Perry. Thank you to John Crelan and all our hard-working librarians who are so helpful with recommendations for us.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Pete Sawyer today. Tomorrow is shared by Terry Gramkowski and Amanda Schwab. Sept.22 shines on Tawnya MacLeod, Nate Thater and Michael Levandowski. Sept. 23 is claimed by Karen Mercier. Sept. 24 belongs to Judy Federowicz. Sept. 25 is a party for my newphew and godson Daniel Gardella, Pedro and Pinha Prata, Monica Rodrigues, Lindsay Gonsalves, Chris Chappell and John James Chadwick. And on Sept. 26, Jillian Guest and Calla Gillies take the cake. Many happy returns.