The weather has been absolutely ideal all week, allowing for all the outdoor activities one did not get to over the busy summer. The fish are not as abundant as usual and perhaps it is due to the warmth of the water but they are still biting. The birds are lingering and not migrating south just yet.

The ladies at the Aquinnah Public Library have a busy schedule in line for the next few months. Story time is every Thursday afternoon at 3:30. Crafts will be made every Saturday beginning with an autumn theme and in early December it will be time for wreaths and door swags. Starting tomorrow, there will be treats every Saturday throughout the day — coffee, tea, cookies and more. In October there will be three drop-in sessions for you to set up CLAMS on your various devices, i.e., iPads and iPhones and laptops. Speaking of the CLAMS system, the top requested nonfiction book across the Cape and Islands is This Town by Mark Leibovich.

Congratulations to Mark Leibovich on his book. It has hovered at the top of the New York Times best sellers list for the past two months. In it you can read all about the life and times in Washington, D.C., especially the politics of it all. Mark is the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine. When time allows, he is at the Aquinnah home of his mother, Joan Leibovich, and her husband, Ted Sutton.

There will be house tours at the Vanderhoop Homestead at Aquinnah Circle today from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as on Saturday, and Wednesday, Oct. 2.

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s French Club will sponsor pizza night tonight at the Orange Peel Bakery from 5 to 8 p.m. It’s all you can eat - $50 for a family or $15 per individual. This will benefit the student trip to France.

Featherstone will sponsor the third annual Artists Studio Tour, a self-guided tour on Sept. 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $30. Aquinnah artists featured include Roberta Gross and Joan LeLacheur.

Welcome to the veterans who will arrive on Sunday for the 5th annual American Heroes Saltwater Challenge for five days of fishing with all of our up-Island charter captains. They will enjoy themselves while guests of the Nixon family at the Beach Plum Inn. You still have time to volunteer or donate by calling Jennifer Grace at 508-645-9454.

Welcome to Mollie Hoben, one of the cofounders of the Minnesota Women’s Press. Mollie met with Sue Carroll and yours truly a year ago to formulate plans for members of the book group to visit the Vineyard as they were reading Caleb’s Crossing. The plan was so popular that 45 women signed up and have been divided into three groups, the first arriving this week. They are guests at the Edgartown Inn, have spent time with writer Susanna Sturgis, visited the Martha’s Vineyard Museum with Lindsey Lee, had lunch in Aquinnah, and traveled across the Vineyard aboard the VTA. I am looking forward to the next two groups to arrive and to spend time with Geraldine Brooks,

Rather sad that the Aquinnah Shop closed on Thursday, due to a lack of staff. The Dreamcatcher has closed. Faith’s Seafood is still open. End of season sales galore at the HatMarChar Shop, On the Cliffs and Stony Creek. The Howosswee Trading Post has extended a discount for derby fishermen when they show their badge.

Rya Baird has returned for her sophomore year studies at Tabor Academy.

Clara Corjulo has returned to Salve Regina College for her sophomore year studies.

My former cardiac rehab partner Ray Ellis is presently a patient at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Rather than a stream of visitors each day, cards would be greatly appreciated. Get well, Ray, as we expect to see you at Christmas in Edgartown once again.

Menasha Leport and her Chilmark School 4/5 classmates recently returned from their sail aboard the Alabama.

Noah James Manning returned home on Sunday night after another fun-filled weekend. On Saturday he attended the Life is Good concert in Canton, enjoying the music of Hall and Oates and many others. Noah, his cousin Robbie Manning, and friend Oona Carroll had sold lemonade and brownies over the summer to donate to Life is Good. On Sunday, it was off to the Red Sox game where he and his parents Paul and Theresa had seats near the dugout. One would never imagine the thoughts going through the mind of a seven year old when David (Big Papi) Ortiz motioned to Noah and then passed him his home run bat — an amazing gift to be treasured forever. Noah is still in awe over the moment.

Finn and Yassi Monahan have recently returned from two weeks in Maui with their father, Michael Monahan. Finn returned in time for school and the sail aboard the Alabama with his class.

Condolences to the family and friends of Paul Petersiel who passed away on Monday. Paul, his wife Louise, and their daughters Jenna and Erica are the owners of the Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott. They have been summer neighbors for the past few years while Jenna manages the Chilmark Tavern. They have been longtime friends of Captain Hugh and Jeanne Taylor, having previously stayed at the Outermost Inn as often as possible.

David Vanderhoop and his fellow MVRHS classmates celebrated their 40th reunion at Farm Neck on Saturday evening.

Happy 28th anniversary wishes to Joseph and Linda Hobbs as they celebrate today.

Happy 18th anniversary wishes to Capt. Buddy Vanderhoop and his bride Lisa Bibko as they celebrate on Oct. 1.

Happy 48th anniversary wishes to Richard and Karen Duffy on Oct. 2.

Happy 9th anniversary wishes to Captain Hollis Smith and his bride Captain Robin Robinson as they party on Oct. 2.

Happy 5th anniversary wishes to Damon Runyon and Anna Cotton on Oct. 4.

Happy birthday wishes to Kathleen Smith as she parties today, probably in a distant land where she finds teaching rewarding each year. Christopher Carroll and Liz Gude share the day on Sept. 28. Edwin Vanderhoop parties on Monday. Capt. Rick Lee will celebrate on Oct. 1 and shares the day with Grace Vanderhoop. Tim Murphy and Coco Adams party on Oct. 2. Trudy Vanderhoop Garvin parties on Thursday. Oct. 4 is a day of celebration for Jane Lancellotti, Menasha Leport, Robyn Wingate and Robert (Max) Peterson.