The competition in the 68th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby has been intense over the last several days, with the top of the striped bass boat leader board  changing almost daily. Stephen J. Pietruska, who won the grand prize last year for catching a 44.4 pound striped bass, is on the top of this year’s boat striped bass division. Last Friday evening he weighed in a 38.71 pound striped bass he had caught earlier in the day. His fish pushed Alexandra Lynch’s 35.42 pound fish into second. She caught that first place fish two days earlier.

The fierce competition coincided with a stretch of near perfect boating weather last week.

Flyrod angler Andrew G. Moore of Oak Bluffs stepped into first place in the boat striped bass last weekend. He caught his fish Saturday and weighed it during the evening weigh in. His fish weighed 20.44 pounds. Mr. Moore’s fish could lead the flyrod division for quite some time, as last year’s winning fish weighed 20.96 pounds.