Twenty years ago the Gazette had a story about the Flynn family having a great Island 100th anniversary. It began by saying, “This is not a story of a family. It is a story of an Island capable of bringing back, year after year, second cousins to romp with first cousins, sons in law to hunt and fish with fathers in law and grandsons. Also to bring brides and grooms to meet their new relations.”

Since then the Island has become more important than ever in keeping families together.

This year is the 120th anniversary of George Daniel Flynn Sr. coming to the Island. He came after being in a train accident and needing some rest. His doctor, a duck hunter, suggested Martha’s Vineyard.

There were 99 members of the Flynn family who came to the Island Columbus Day weekend for a reunion and they all stayed in family houses. There was a picnic on Saturday afternoon on the beach and a dinner party at the Edgartown Reading Room Saturday night. And of course, there was the photography session. Some members of the family came from Ecuador and some from Belgium. There were five generations at the reunion. The small children of the sixth generation could not come because their parents were ill, which was probably just as well.

New friends, of course, were made and will be greeted as old friends at the next reunion — it was suggested by some that there be a reunion again next year when there will be even more than the current six generations. Sisters Judy and Doro are in the third generation. This gives one an idea of just how long the Flynn family has been spending the happiest days of its lives on this cherished Island.