James Daniel Sims and Jane Sims purchased 10 Lobsterville Road in Aquinnah from Scott G. Shunk and Marcie L. Shunk for $665,000 on Oct. 28. 





Orchard Hill North LLC purchased a portion of 61 North Road in Chilmark from Maarten R. Van Hengel, trustee of the Chestnut Rise Nominee Trust, for $2,750,000 on Oct. 28. 





62 North Water Street Edgartown LLC purchased 62 North Water street in Edgartown from the town of Edgartown for $2,500,000 on Oct. 31. 




Waka LLC purchased 38 Cow Bay Road in Edgartown from Michael Kempner and Jacqueline Kempner for $10,000,000 on Oct. 29. 




Oak Bluffs

David M. Gaffey and Julie A. Gaffey purchased 105 Pennsylvania avenue in Oak Bluffs form Joshua M. Kochin and Heather A. Kochin (frequently known as Heather A. Shea) for $444,500 on Nov. 1. 




Alexandre Thiago Simas and Amelia Marques Simas purchased 12R Sea Glen Road in Oak Bluffs from Carolyn J. Minner for $317,000 on Nov. 1. 




Roger A. Holmes and Mary Beth Holmes purchased 38 School House Village in Oak Bluffs from Joseph W. Jennings III, Carla C. Jennings and Ryan P. Jennings for $435,000 on Nov. 1. 





18 Summer Street MV LLC purchased 18 Summer street in Tisbury from Jarret F. Brissette, Paul Brissette and Mary Z. Brissette for $390,000 on Oct. 31. 




William Stevens, Christopher Stevens and Linda Stevens purchased 81 Old Lighthouse Road in Tisbury from Karl G. Buder and Linda M. Buder for $499,000 on Nov. 1. 




Frederic Lucas purchased 84 Lantern Lane in Tisbury from Jay P. McDonough, trustee of Jay McDonough Living Trust, for $300,000 on Nov. 1. 

Pamela B. Flam and Morris Flam purchased North William street in Tisbury from Nathan Mayhew Seminars of Martha’s Vineyard Inc. for $125,000 on Nov. 1. 

West Tisbury

Kali Wingood purchased 11 Lineaweaver Lane in West Tisbury from James L. Young for $460,000 on Oct. 31. 




Laurie J. Pereira purchased 307 Old County Road in West Tisbury form Roger T. Sylva and Gloria J. Sylva for $412,500 on Nov. 1.