Well, Mother Nature has decided that it is now winter. Snow, wind and cold all in one day was just a little much. Now they are saying it will be 60 degrees this weekend. Again, welcome to New England.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Evan Donnelly and Tianna Rambonga who celebrated their day Nov. 9; Hevelyn Dias, Julia Murray and Jameson Whitmarsh celebrated Nov. 10; Caleb Davidson on Nov. 11, and to Marshall Davidson and Noah Smith who celebrate their day to day Nov. 15.

Last week I let Veterans Day slip by and forgot to thank all those who served our country and those who are still serving to keep our country safe and free. We would all have different lives if you were not there for us, so a big thank you to all of our veterans.

Sarah Townes and Kristie Noyes Mayhew have been doing the Christmas countdown since July 25. We all give them a hard time on Facebook and tell them to cut it out and let the summer be. However, the other day they posted 46 days till Christmas and that got my attention. We think we have all this time to do things and then all of a sudden it is here. I also have mixed reactions to the decorations for sale and the Christmas displays showing up before Thanksgiving. Now, it is nobody’s fault that the pilgrims landed in Plymouth in November, because we all know it was Christmas way before that happened. So now we have to deal with the retailers. They order decorations, trees and everything we need for the holidays in July. If they did what everyone wants and held the displays until after Thanksgiving that would give them less than a month to sell all their merchandise, which has cost them a lot of money and probably a gamble to try and sell it all. So to be fair to them, in my opinion, give them a break and let them display the items. I even know people who put up a tree the day after Thanksgiving, so they need things for their tree. Then there is the debate on Christmas music, which opens a can of worms so I will keep my opinion to myself. Sarah and Kristie, here we go — it is down almost to the final count.

The West Tisbury Farmers’ Market will be open this Saturday, Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Agricultural Hall. Your Thanksgiving dinner fixings can be ordered and picked up on Nov. 23 at our next market. From Edgartown the vendors are Old Towne Gardens, Morning Glory Farm and the Farm Institute. Live music is provided by Kevin Keady (from Chappy) and the Cattle Drivers. Have lunch and sit by the fire, hang out with friends and have a wonderful November day.

The Unity Club of the Federated Church of Edgartown will hold its annual book talk on Monday, Nov. 25 at 4 p.m. Called, “Tea and Books,” we will welcome as our speaker Susan Mercier of Edgartown Books. Susan will talk about the latest books, including Christmas gift books, children’s books, coffee table books and just plain good reading books. She will have some available for purchase that day. Tea and refreshments will be served at 4 p.m., to be followed by Susan Mercier’s always-popular talk. This event is open to all and is at the Federated Church at the corner of South Summer and Cooke streets in Edgartown.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.