They say you can’t put a price on art, but if sales are strong this season a limited edition photograph could defray the high cost of saving an Island landmark. Jeffrey Serusa, owner of the Seaworthy Gallery in Vineyard Haven, says he will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of Gay Head Lighthouse at Night to the Save the Gay Head Lighthouse Committee. The committee will receive 10 per cent of all proceeds through Christmas 2013.

The photograph, which measures 55 inches wide by 14 and a half inches high, is a giclee print on canvas with a custom frame. It can be viewed at

The Gay Head Lighthouse sits 46 feet from an eroding cliff; experts say it must be moved in the next year or so or the area around it may not be stable enough to safely do so. The Save the Gay Head Lighthouse committee is hoping to raise $3 million for the project. For more information on their efforts, visit