Can you say Brrrrr? Sunday’s weather definitely drew our attention to the beginning of winter. Of course Monday was cold but the wind was not as bad and the cold did not go through you. But next week the Christmas carols start and at least it will feel like Christmas.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Daniel Serpa who celebrated his day Nov. 24; Marina Nunes, Nov. 25; Jack Oteri and Avery Simmons, Nov. 26; Kathryn Cuthbert, Nov. 27, and to Ava Townes who celebrated her day Nov. 28.

After eating all the turkey and all the fixings and whatever desserts you like, if you want to take the kids out you can walk down to the library on Saturday, Nov. 30 for story hour at 10:30. T.J. Batts will be reading her book Broccolihead and Carrottop.

Welcome back to Michael and Janice Donaroma who have just returned from some downtime and warmth in St. Johns. Now it is on for the Friday night event to start off Christmas in Edgartown. As usual Janice has a plan that will prove to be an amazing night for all and a great kickstart for the weekend.

Barbara Phillips had a houseful for Thanksgiving. Her daughter Leah is here with her twins Madeline and Mallory, and her husband and dad, Joe, coming on Friday. Her son Andrew was here, but unfortunately son Geoffrey has to work, so he was not able to make it.

Paul and Linda Condlin were happy and excited to have their grandkids Darby and Kiefer here for Thanksgiving.

Even with the cold and wind storm nobody could keep those true Patriots fans home. Pam Dolby and Gail Avakian made their way to the game. Brenda Perry and Brooke Raymond were also there. It was a great game and as Pam posted on Facebook, yes, it was cold but she had those foot warmer packages pasted all over her body. Although with the last half of the game, nobody needed body warmers. Go Pats.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.