Dogs, dogs, dogs . . . those lucky enough to have one sitting at their feet as they read this must feel grateful for the presence of this ideal companion. Maybe because Islanders treasure their dogs, they are only surrendered to the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard through a drastic change in the life circumstances of the owners. Recently, Carla at the Mail Room in Edgartown was mentioned in this column as the interim caretaker of two dogs whose owner had recently died. Those dogs proved so endearing that Carla adopted them herself. It happens that, rather than surrendering the dogs to the shelter, and even though they get the best of care here, the current caretaker decides to foster the pet. This was the case with Carla. She contacted Lisa, the shelter manager, and said she wanted to find homes for these beloved pets. This is not an infrequent occurrence. The shelter is committed to finding a home for every unwanted animal under our roof or someone else’s. No dog on the Island needs to be homeless or unwanted.

This is the season to give thanks. The shelter is grateful for the continued support of the Island community. The shelter benefits from the donations of time and effort from the board, the vets, the volunteers and the many people who give financially. Thank you, too, to all those who gave homes to the surrendered animals. Most of all, the shelter is blessed with the careful and loving administration of Lisa Hayes and Gordon Healy who truly make the place a home for the pets and people who enter those doors. Thank you one and all.