Amanda G. Cimeno and Jovany Navarrete purchased 36 Chase Road in Edgartown from James Hart, trustee of the Mahomy Realty Trust, for $425,000 on Nov. 25.

John A. Roberts III, trustee of Island Realty Trust, purchased 19 Church street in Edgartown from Andrea L. Lotreck, trustee of the Church Street Nominee Trust, for $1,750,000 on Nov. 26.

Ann E. Bunyaner and Michael Bunyaner purchased 10 Plains Head Lane in Edgartown from Michael J. Patrikios and Patricia H. Patrikios, also known as Patricia Hamilton Patrikios, for $1,475,000 on Nov. 27.

Oak Bluffs

Alfred E. Butters Jr. and Barbara Butters, trustees of the Butters Realty Trust, purchased 6 Martha’s Park Road in Oak Bluffs from Barbara H. Roberts for $1,065,000 on Nov. 26.

Belinda P. Burke and Dustin M. Burke purchased 3 Little Pond Road in Oak Bluffs from Amy H. Reece and Douglas H. Reece for $660,000 on Nov. 27.

Vineyard Haven

John Holladay purchased 40 Dolan avenue in Vineyard Haven from Margaret Nelson Pinney for $110,000 on Nov. 26.

West Tisbury

Makena B. Herget and Thomas K. Herget purchased 4 Windy Way in West Tisbury from Christina Winkler, individual and trustee of the Joellen Rapee Nominee Trust No. 2, for $2,600,000 on Nov. 26.