Aaron Ahola and Cara A. Ahola, trustees of the Aaron Ahola Revocable Trust and the Cara A. Ahola Revocable Trust, purchased 14 Paddock Circle in Chilmark from Holly Bonomo and Richard A. Bonomo for $1,237,250 on Dec. 5.

Island Grown Initiative LTD purchased 149 Old Farm Road in Chilmark from Frank H. Dunkl, Heidi Dunkl and Peter A. Dunkl for $1,459,913 on Dec. 6.


Stephen R. Kelley purchased 17 Motick Trail in Edgartown from Marie G. McKenzie and Michael R. McKenzie for $770,000 on Dec. 2.

Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of the SMS Realty Trust, purchased 23 Herring Creek Road in Edgartown from David Myers and Sue Ellen Myers for $1,900,000 on Dec. 2.

Jill Studley and Mitchell Studley purchased 3 Duncan Close in Edgartown from Karen O. Newman and Kevin L. Newman for $601,250 on Dec. 5.

Cottage Street Partners, LLC purchased 55 Cottage Street in Edgartown from Jerome W. Pikor for $2,220,000 on Dec. 6.

Ms. Bare Realty, LLC purchased 5 Briggs Road in Edgartown from Melodye Grant Bucci and Ronald V. Bucci, executors of the Joseph T. Bucci estate, for $1,200,000 on Dec. 6.
Vineyard Haven

Bank of America N.A. purchased 39 Look Street in Vineyard Haven from Mark C. Martin for $302,136 on Dec. 4.

Abigail H. Churney and William L. Churney purchased 72 Meadow Lane in Vineyard Haven from Christopher Herron, Patrick M. Herron 3rd and Martha G. Locke for $779,167 on Dec. 4.

Lisa Nagy and Wesley Nagy purchased 25 Averill Lane in Vineyard Haven from Geraldine S. Averill for $440,000 on Dec. 5.

Poliana Abreu and Fillipi Gomes purchased 39 Oklahoma Avenue in Vineyard Haven from HSBC Bank USA, trustee for Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation, for $425,000 on Dec. 6.

West Tisbury

Sheryl Dagostino and Ronald Dagostino purchased 189 Great Plains Road in West Tisbury from Gene Levinson and Patrice Levinson for $471,500 on Dec. 5.