Well, December has gone into the record books as one of the warmest ever recorded. The only snow was a few scattered flurries on two occasions. Last year this time we were dealing with several inches of snow that had stacked up and froze solid. We don’t have to wait for the January thaw as there isn’t any frost in the ground. The weather to begin the New Year was cold. Let’s hope it is the low point of the winter. I remember having to shovel snow to get to our car on New Year’s Day.

Marian Irving of Old County Road enjoyed Christmas surrounded by family at her son’s home in Wayland. She was happily reunited with her twin granddaughters, Chloe, home on break from Loomis-Chaffee School in Connecticut, and Nicole, who is studying at King’s Academy in Jordan. Grandson Scott was busy with applications to prep schools for next September. Marian’s daughter Susan and her husband Mike joined in the festivities, as well as cousins visiting from San Francisco, Calif.

Marjorie Pierce reports that the missions committee of the First Congregational Church held the first of this season’s church community suppers Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. in the parish hall. The committee hosted this initial dinner and hopes you will come to share these heartwarming meals. As always, food contributions are greatly appreciated and can be brought with you to the dinner or left in the church kitchen earlier in the day. The Wednesday night suppers will continue until the end of March. Also, starting this Sunday, remember that church services will be held at the Agricultural Hall for the remainder of the month as the sanctuary is undergoing renovation work. Same time, just a different location.

Linda Alley of New Lane reports that they had a wonderful Winter Farmers’ Market last Saturday. She wants to thank George Harry Athearn and Chip Mancuso for always being there and helping out. Of course it would not be a success without your participation and she thanks all of you and wishes everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.

Susan Goldstein of the Mansion House reports that they have two major events going on this month and she hopes that folks from all over the Island will take advantage of it. For the month of January, they are again hosting a Slumber Party to celebrate 29 years on Main street. Islanders get to stay in the inn and enjoy the health club and pool for $29 per person based on double occupancy. She confides that it turns into a block party of sorts as they know most of the guests and it is so much fun. The second event is their Saturday sampler. This is important for the exercising Vineyard public, as anyone can attend for free and sample classes that they might be reluctant to pay for without first trying them out. If you have any questions, please call her or Brenda Wallis at 508-693-2200, extension 102.

Old friend Howard Wall passed away on Saturday. He was a very good friend, a hard worker and he cared for many lawns all over the Island. He worked for me in the cemeteries and was an assistant superintendent for several years. As late as last summer he was mowing grass around town buildings and our small parks. He was the first person that I knew who bought a lawn tractor specifically with headlights so he could work into the evening during the summer. He was helpful, kind, had a quick wit and took up playing the bagpipes in later years. He will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his wife Diane and their daughters.

On Jan. 4, 1946, the town had its first real estate transaction of the New Year. Burton M. and Pauline Vincent of Merrybrook Farm Road near Look’s Pond and Chilmark, purchased the former James A. Mayhew house on Old County Road next door to the Rotch house from Mrs. Percy Anderson of Berkley. The Vincents have been spending winters in the summer home of her aunt, Miss Sylvia Bates. The Mayhew house is located next door to the former William Rotch house and across the street from the Sarah Burt home, one of the oldest in town.

Happy birthday to Pat Vann, Chris Jones and Karen Dumont today, Eben Armer, Melissa Nellis-Patterson and Brenda Benware tomorrow, Michael Goldfein, James Nelson, Michael Jacobs and Fred Murphy on Sunday, Rennee Bonnell, Mary O’Connell, and Jake Estabrook on Monday, Bernie Baumrin, Sandra Weber and Sam Hiser on Tuesday, Joan Ames, Will Whiting, Lila Griswold and Oliver Becker on Wednesday, Ann Burt, Sydney Blackmer, Sandra Pietruska, Shuva Sellers and Elizabeth Alberice on Thursday. Belated birthday greetings to Martha Sullivan and Lisa Dimitri.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. Please call or email me with your news. Trivia facts you can use at the next party: Western Union delivered its final telegram six years ago this month, and 105 years ago Sunday, was the first picture taken from an airplane in this country. Samuel Morse demonstrated his telegraph for the first time 144 years ago today. Have a good week.