Well, this is the start of a long holiday weekend as Monday is Martin Luther King Day and all municipal buildings, including the post office, will be closed. Last weekend’s weather was wet and windy with the temperature in the upper 50s. Gale force winds were so strong that all afternoon and evening trips by the SSA had to be cancelled. We are just two short months away from the start of spring. Our son Sam remarked the other day that it is so quiet around town that the lack of traffic gives the appearance that it has been evacuated!

Tara Whiting, town clerk, reports that the census should be on its way to you if you haven’t already received it. If needed, there will be a dog license renewal form enclosed. There is another deadline fast approaching. Nomination papers for the annual town elections are also available. They need to have 20 signatures of registered voters in this town and then be returned to the town clerk by 5 p.m. on Feb. 20. If you need an absentee ballot you must submit an application. Applications are only good for a calendar year. Please call her with any questions at 508-696-0148.

Shanti Blum of Music street returned home last week after spending six weeks with her children. First, she went down to New Jersey and visited with her daughter Leslei and family and then she went up to Toronto, Canada, to visit her daughter Michelle, her husband and their family. She reports having a wonderful time at both locations and enjoying a number of cultural events.

Anna Alley of State Road returned home on Monday after visiting our grandson, Robert John, and his parents in East Taunton. It was Robbie’s second birthday. His mom held a party for him and his friends at the Pump 'n Jump in Taunton.

Robin Perschel reports that she visited with her son and daughter in law, Jesse and Denaya Dailey, at their new home in San Francisco over the holidays.

Sam Alley, Nick Koines and Ross Willey attended last Saturday night’s Patriots playoff game in the pouring rain at Foxboro and saw the Patriots handily defeat the Colts.

Sandra Whitworth reports that the Tisbury Travel Club operated by the Tisbury Senior Center welcomes the adult Island community to register with them for inexpensive travel off-Island to historic, cultural and entertainment events in the New England area. They also provide discounted group tickets. The travel club has planned a trip to the Spring Garden & Flower Show in Providence on Thursday, Feb. 20. The convention center has all the amenities that make the four-hour visit a breeze. So for those of you that want a sneak peek at spring or would like to get away for the day, call them and register for the trip. Show admission and travel cost is $38. They leave on the 8:15 a.m. boat and return on the 5 p.m.

Marjorie Peirce reports that the Wednesday night community suppers have begun at the First Congregational Church. She asks that you please use the Music street entrance. The Sunday 10 a.m. worship service will be at the Agricultural Hall this winter until the sanctuary restoration is complete. All regular meetings and community suppers will continue to happen in the parish hall. Dinner is at 5:30 p.m., but you may come in from the cold starting at 5 p.m for coffee and fellowship. Everyone is welcome. If you have questions or need transportation, please call the church office at 508-693-2842. If you would like to make a contribution of food or time, please contact 
Marjorie directly at 508-221-0314.

On Jan. 14, 1949 members of the Grange presented a three-act farce, The Campbell’s are Coming, before a large audience in the Tisbury School auditorium. All parts were exceptionally well acted and were received with roars of enthusiasm by the audience. The Grangers who had parts in the play were Mary Smith, Marjorie Manter, Doreena King, David Engley, Albert Robinson, Fred and Donald Fisher, Alice Magnuson, James Alley and Virginia Rebello. The play was directed by Crichton and Pauline Magee. Elizabeth King served as the prompter. Laurus Sutton was in charge of stage properties and lighting. Muriel Loud distributed the programs and Carol Drew was in charge of ticket sales. Costumes were assembled by Lillian Magnuson, assisted by Elizabeth Manter. Edna Robinson collected the proceeds from the homemade candy that was sold between acts by Ann Coleman and Jane Austin.

Happy birthday to Dr. Judith Fisher, Wendy Benedetto, Sky Menton, Nick Waldman, Kristen Jones and Adam Fragosa today; Julia Wells, John Toteanu, Deborah Gray, Sherry Kagan and Laura Caruso tomorrow; Hannah Maxner, Patty Linn, Liz Branch, Roy Hope, Andy Estrella and Christine Wiley on Sunday; Nancy Cabot, Jenna Wingood, Leslie Cutler, Lee McCormack, Nancy Rodgers and Mary Pate on Monday; Bob Luskin, Carl Tack, Maya Segal and Tanner Andrade on Tuesday; Sandy Atwood, Hilary Wall, Anya Toteanu and Georgianna White on Wednesday, and Paul Vanlandingham, Kristine Scheffer, Claire Rush and Aaron Zeender on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to Steve Anshutz, Chester Cook, Kelly Smith Robertson and Will Holtham. Anniversary greetings to Manny and Jessica Estrella on Tuesday.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. Not a lot of news to report because it is mighty quiet or folks are on vacation. I inserted some trivia for your enjoyment. Please call or email me (alleys@vineyard.net) with your news. Have a good week.