Two Vineyard residents were arraigned on drug charges last week after a police investigation into the sale of prescription drugs.

Bryan A. Cimeno, 44, and Brianna Combra, 23, both of Vineyard Haven, were arraigned on Jan. 15. Both were charged with possessing to distribute a class B drug (Oxycodone) and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

According to a police report by Edgartown Det. Sgt. Christopher Dolby, officers were told in February 2013 that Mr. Cimeno was selling prescription pills, and they allegedly later corroborated that information.

On Jan. 14 of this year, Detective Sergeant Dolby said he saw Mr. Cimeno’s truck parked outside the office of a Vineyard Haven doctor. Mr. Cimeno allegedly then went to a pharmacy to fill a prescription and then to Ms. Combra’s house. The two talked and Mr. Cimeno left, the report said, and 15 minutes later a vehicle drove up and police said they formed the opinion that a hand-to-hand interaction took place.

Police said they observed Mr. Cimeno’s wife, Carrie, pull up to Ms. Combra’s house the next day and they allegedly observed another exchange. Police said they followed Ms. Cimeno to her apartment and she allegedly admitted that she purchased seven pills from Ms. Combra for $20 apiece.

Police later executed search warrants and arrested Ms. Combra and Mr. Cimeno, the report said. They allegedly seized 64 Oxycodone pills from Mr. Cimeno’s vehicle and 10 additional pills from his hat at the jail and 37 pills and $779 from Ms. Combra.

Ms. Cimeno was issued a summons, the police report said. Ms. Combra was released on personal recognizance and Mr. Cimeno’s bail was set at $200. Pretrial hearings for both were scheduled for Jan. 24.