Anne Hotchkiss Ganz purchased North Road in Chilmark from Henry Washington Hotchkiss for $11,000 on Jan. 13.

New Property MV LLC purchased 34 Brickyard Road in Chilmark from Great Rock Bight LP for $1,900,000 on Jan. 15.


Thomas G. Vaughan and Margaret B. Vaughan purchased 6 Norcross Drive in Edgartown from Linda H. Voloshin for $899,000 on Jan. 13.

Edgartown Hills LLC purchased 210 Pennywise Path in Edgartown from Jan W. Whiting for $145,715.24 on Jan. 16.

Thomas C. Sullivan and Kathleen M. Sullivan purchased 15 South street in Edgartown from Marillys W. Waterson for $810,000 on Jan. 16.

Joseph A. Carlucci, trustee, Mary F. Carlucci, trustee, Joseph A. Carlucci Living Trust, Mary F. Carlucci Living Trust, purchased 17 Faulkner Drive in Edgartown from Peter Hagen, trustee, Pamela Faulkner Quinn, trustee, Joan F. Faulkner Qualified Personal Residence Trust, Pamela Faulkner Quinn, Pamela Faulkner, M. Lindsay Faulkner, Elizabeth H. Faulkner, Robert Faulkner for $8,700,000 on Jan. 17.

Peter M. Gingras and Carolyn E. Gingras purchased 67 Windsor Drive in Edgartown from Gary B. Dixon for $414,000 on Jan. 17.

Oak Bluffs

Lila C. Rideau purchased 27 Winemack street in Oak Bluffs from the Gilbert Trust, Stanley G. Johnson, Norma Booker, Owen Johnson, trustees, for $300,000 on Jan. 13.

Steven Patrick Conley and Kelly Conley purchased 26 Pondview Drive in Oak Bluffs from Timothy J. Twombly and Diane S. Hartmann for $454,900 on Jan. 14.

Marsha L. Wilcon purchased 4 Stone Pound Way in Oak Bluffs from Cove View Inc. for $517,500 on Jan. 17.

Vineyard Haven

Jean N. August, trustee, Jean N. August Revocable Trust purchased 203 Franklin street in Vineyard Haven from C. W. Balis 3rd for $580,000 on Jan. 15.