Thomas R. Curren purchased 5 Dirt Road in Chilmark from Basil L. Welch, EST, Linda Marie Voluckas and Laurie Clare Clements for $530,000 on Feb. 10.


Molly Reilly and John Reilly purchased 4 Sheriffs Lane in Edgartown from Scott Gieselman for $4,000,000 on Feb. 14.

Oak Bluffs

Timothy Begley and Angelica Pearl purchased 21 Upper Douglas Lane in Oak Bluffs from Sean Pritchard Chessman for $377,000 on Feb. 10.

Jeffrey D. Sommers and Marilyn S. Sommers purchased 9 James Place in Oak Bluffs from Oni C. Holley and Michael S. Holley for $637,500 on Feb. 14.

Horacio B. Tavares and Maria Merces Tavares purchased 20 Seaview Ave. Ext. from Havery D. Russell, TRS, Jodee P. Bishop, TRS and Oak Bluffs Nominee Realty Trust for $1,130,000 on Feb. 14.

Vineyard Haven

Regan Maund and Joshua Goldstein purchased 35 Authier avenue in Vineyard Haven from Charlie R. Harvey for $522,500 on Feb. 12.

James B. Norton and Dianne M. Norton purchased 181 Head of Pond Road in Vineyard Haven from James H. K. Norton, Bayes Norton Farm Inc. and James B. Norton for $50,000 on Feb. 13.

Dawn Bradford Watt and Robert Watt purchased 14 East Sound Lane in Vineyard Haven from Cynthia Tower Doyle and Robert McMillen Doyle for $3,500,000 on Feb. 14.