An Oak Bluffs man was charged with attempted murder after police said he choked a woman.

Marcelo F. Barbosa, 27, was arraigned Feb. 10 in Edgartown district court on charges of attempted murder, intimidating a witness, and domestic assault and battery.

According to a police report filed in court, the Oak Bluffs police were called to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital on Feb. 8 for a report of domestic abuse. Mr. Barbosa allegedly strangled for about three minutes a woman that was known to him, the police said, and covered her mouth when she called for help.

The woman allegedly suffered injuries including petechia, caused by blood vessels hemorrhaging on her face.

The police report said Edgartown police went to look for Mr. Barbosa at his sister’s home in Edgartown. His sister Flavia Hershey allegedly told police that he was not at the home, police said, but they later found out that Mr. Barbosa was asleep upstairs.

Mrs. Hershey will be charged with two counts of intimidating a witness for allegedly lying to police and calling the alleged victim to threaten her. According to documents filed in court, the commonwealth asked for a dangerousness hearing to determine if Mr. Barbosa could be held on pretrial detention. The defendant stipulated to dangerousness on Feb. 14, the report said, and will be held until May 9. A document filed in court from the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said there is reason to believe Mr. Barbosa is “an alien subject to removal from the U.S.”

The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 6.