Okay, someone has to tell the snow gods that it is the astronomic spring and the snow should be going away now. I think we have all had our fair share and we could put it all behind us. I know the Arctic air is still here, but I know it will be over soon — maybe.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Samuel Benjamin who celebrated his day March 1; Sally Gordon, March 4; Ryan Noia, March 5; William Bruguiere, March 7, and to Kya Maloney who celebrates her day today, March 8.

Well, we have some weary but sun-kissed travelers back from vacation. Mark, Ellen and Ella Blodgett drove down to Universal Studios in Orlando for the week and spent plenty of time in the park and had some downtime in the pool by their hotel,

Mary, Ken, and Michael Johnson also drove down to Disney, and were able to catch up with the Blodgetts for a day.

Tina Polleys and her children Audrey and JJ, and Tina’s mother Lela, made their way to New Hampshire to see Aunt Sue Polleys, Then they went up to visit Lela’s sister Esther and brother in law Bob. They had a good time and did some different activities with the kids.

Melissa Norton Vincent, her husband Pete and sons Pete and Chase made their way to Disney for the week.

Kelly Mark, Owen and Warner Hess were in Florida.

Coo and Donna Cavallo, and John and Dee and Jack Laird made their way to St. John for some sun and relaxation.

We were coming home on Tuesday after a day off-Island with car repairs, and of course some shopping, and when we got to the boat we noticed that they were loading in a very different order. Come to find out, the door was broken on the Martha’s Vineyard and they were doing the best they could to get all the cars on. While we were sitting and watching the whole process, it brought us back to the Nobska days when they loaded the boat from the side and you drove all the way around the boat so you would be facing out, then they would tuck all the small cars — like my little red Volkswagen — in all the small spots.

The Edgartown eighth grade auction to raise money for the trip to Washington, D.C., will be March 14 at the Harbor View Hotel. The cost is $35 per person and includes a cheese table at the cocktail hour and a sit-down dinner. There will be a cash bar available throughout the evening. Tickets can be purchased in advance through any eighth grade student or at the Edgartown School. There will be an auction as well, with items like “A Surprise Piece of Edgartown History,” Patriots tickets, signed Bruins shirt, trips and more.

Don’t forget to spring ahead this weekend and turn your clocks ahead on Saturday night. We lose an hour of sleep, but it is so worth it at the end of the day!

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.