The owners of the Sidecar Cafe and Bar confirmed that the Oak Bluffs restaurant has closed its doors for good.

Scott Mullin opened Sidecar, located at 16 Kennebec avenue, in 2007 with business partners Mary Ibsen and Caleb Caldwell. Under the shared ownership, Mr. Mullin operated the restaurant for three seasons before Ms. Ibsen and Mr. Caldwell parted ways from the business. Mr. Mullin entered a new partnership for the restaurant with Samantha and Todd Cleland in 2010. They managed Sidecar together for four years.

“This would have been Sidecar’s eighth season,” Ms. Cleland told the Gazette.

According to Mr. Mullin, they are closing because the lease for 16 Kennebec avenue expired and was not renewed.

Theodore DeBettencourt, the building’s owner, confirmed that the space has been leased to a different party, but declined to comment on specific plans.