Gregory L. Dankert and Dorothy J. Enrico purchased 14 Edgewood Drive in Edgartown from Lester W. Holcomb Jr. and Elizabeth R. Holcomb for $499,000 on March 24.

James W. Coghlin Jr. and Kristen L. Coghlin purchased 92 Schoolhouse Road in Edgartown from Herbert Jacobs for $420,000 on March 24.

George M. Marshman and Sidney B. Marshman purchased 15 Angevins Lane in Edgartown from Phoebe Rentschler Cole, Phoebe Cole-Smith, Alexandra A. Thompson, Alexandra Angevin Thompson, Sarah Yorke Rentschler, Est., Mary Rentschler Alley, Mary A. Rentschler, Mary Rentschler, Sylvia Angevin Thompson, Peter F. Rentschler and Peter Ferris Rentschler for $3,900,000 on March 28.

Gary A. Baldino and Amy E. Baldino purchased 71 Sixth street North in Edgartown from Gloria Cardoso Santos and Gary. J. Santos for $595,000 on March 28.

Michael Sisk and Patricia Sisk purchased 5 Vickers street in Edgartown from Mary E. McLaughlin and J. Bryan McLaughlin for $606,000 on March 28.

Fishermans Knot Realty Trust purchased 36 Fishermans Knot Road in Edgartown from Anne Burke Silva for $425,000 on March 28.

Oak Bluffs

Gregory Arpin and Heather Arpin purchased 98 Tellette street in Oak Bluffs from Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae for $300,000 on March 25.

Matthew Dyroff purchased 234 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Antonio L. R. Toscano, TRS, Shirley E. S. Toscano, TRS, Toscano One Family Trust for $386,000 on March 27.

Jeffrey A. Goldweber and Erin M. Goldweber purchased 125 Munroe avenue in Oak Bluffs from Susan W. Collinson for $789,000 on March 28.

Vineyard Haven

Beach Hair LLC and Beach Street Trust purchased 31 Beach Road, Unit A-104 in Vineyard Haven from Edward Rosbeck, TRS, for $300,000 on March 25.

Linda E. Fandel purchased 124 Skiff avenue, Unit F-10 in Vineyard Haven from Sandra L. Burke for $204,000 on March 28.

West Tisbury

Vicky Barile and John Zach Barile purchased 98 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road in West Tisbury from Alexander DiMatteo 3rd, Abigail DiMatteo, Brett DiMatteo, Kristen DiMatteo, Shirley DiMatteo and Melvin Shelly for $455,500 on March 28.