Well, the weekend weather was seasonable but on the cool side for this time of year. We are approaching Easter with Palm Sunday this weekend and Passover on Tuesday. The street sweeper was busy last week clearing many of the roads in town of tons of sand and salt spread on them over the winter.

Anna Alley, of State Road, reports driving by three baby whitetail deer walking down State Road near Deep Bottom Road last Friday evening. Cherrilla Brown spotted three otters in the Mill Pond on Tuesday morning. The blue flowers in Paul Cook’s yard are about to burst open in all of their glory this week, transforming his lawn into a sea of blue.

Recently Ben and Paddy Moore spent two days in Boston, visiting with their oldest son, Max, and children Maya and Matias. They went to the Peabody School to see the North Cambridge Friends of Opera production of a fantasy environmental play, When the Mudhole Dried Up. It was really splendidly produced, complete with singing, some speaking, excellent sets and animal costumes for all. They followed that with dinner at Bisuteki, a Japanese restaurant where all the grilling/cooking is done on a huge griddle right in front of you, and there is much fancy knife-play and squirting of cherry water into the open mouths of young diners. Maya and Matias adored it.

Another must-see is Heartbeat Of Home, kind of a sequel to Riverdance. This one is really fabulous, combining the music, dancing and feelings of not only Ireland, but also Spanish flamenco and African American jazz. Ben reports that it is a dance and music performance absolutely not to be missed. They saw it first last fall in Dublin with Denys and Marilyn Wortman, and they would go a long way to see it again.

Tuesday is the last time to file your tax return with the federal and state governments. For years there used to be long lines at the post office with folks getting their returns postmarked before the deadline. But now you can file them on line in a snap and save a lot of time.

On March 18, Allen and Lynne Whiting, of State Road, returned from a three-week vacation on Bequia to a barnyard full of baby lambs. They were grateful to have the watch of the entire Whiting family in their absence. While on Bequia, the Whitings’ paths crossed with Ross and Kirsten Gannon and their children, Greta and Olin, who sailed into Port Elizabeth on their sloop Elita. They also encountered fellow West Tisbury winter escapees George and Carol Brush, who were sailing through the Grenadines. Now our flock has doubled and lambing for this season appears to be over.

Once they were home, daughter Bea traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit Lynne’s mom, Mary Erickson, who turned 90 in March. While there, Bea got to be part of her cousin Josie’s baby shower and to enjoy sunny weather every day with temps in the high 60s. She arrived home on the heels of last week’s nor’easter on one of the only two boats that ran that day!

Hannah Elais, daughter of Eben and Kim Elias of Oak Lane, is currently attending Roger Williams University. She competed last Saturday in the IHSA Zone 1 Final Horse Show. Hannah represented her university and team well, but unfortunately failed to qualify for the national finals. Her mother reports that despite not qualifying for the nationals, her daughter had an exceptional season.

ACE authors’ readings happen tomorrow and are co-sponsored by Bunch of Grapes. The suggested donation at the event is $5 at the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore in Vineyard Haven. Cynthia Riggs and her writing group members read from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

Jennifer Tseng over at the library reports that on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. the library’s semi-annual community poetry reading will be coming home. They want to thank the Bunch of Grapes for providing them with a home during construction. It’s free and open to the public, and the event will be held in honor of the late Jonathan Revere.

Also on Monday, from 5 to 6 p.m., Marsha Winsryg, just back from Zambia, will be giving a talk at the library. Rick Bausman and Jane Norton will join Marsha in sharing photos, videos, and stories about a new model for cross-cultural exchange. This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Jennifer tells us that you know spring’s arrived when the library hosts its egg hunt. Saturday, April 19, come explore the new library while searching for eggs filled with jelly beans. The hunt begins at 10 a.m.

Happy birthday to Sally Sherwood, Linda Swanson, Lindsey Lee, Kristin Buck and James Leroux today; Carmen Wilson, Max Jasny, John Hoff, M.E. Horowitz and Antone Rezendes tomorrow; Prudy Whiting, Sarah Neubert, Nathan Thompson, Deborah Eggers and Tony Higgins on Sunday; Gina Solon, Joe Capobianco, Diane Nolan and Marion Ellis on Monday; Debbie Magnuson, Ann Bresnick, Ricky Scott, Joanne Scott, Mike Post and James Brodeur on Tuesday; Janet Bank, Linda Vadasz, Nancy Clair and Kimberly Angell on Wednesday; Maggie Schwartz, Ann Maley, Tom Wetherall, Andrea Haden and Clarissa Murphy on Thursday.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. If you have any news, please call or email me (alleys@vineyard.net). Have a great week.