Eric Berke and Sheryl Berke purchased 1 Oxcart Road in Aquinnah from Elliott Fankuchen TRS, Lisa Kantrowitz, TRS and Fankuchen/Kantrowitz Trust for $700,000 on April 9.


Robert G. Kegan and Barbara H. Wolf purchased 127 State Road in Chilmark from Bridge House LP for $2,350,000 on April 9.

Lynda Glasser, TRS, and Lisa R. Kantrowitz Irrevocable Trust purchased 8 Sheep Pen Lane in Chilmark from William Sterling Wall, TRS, and Wallmark Realty Trust 2 for $2,235,000 on April 9.

Joel Glickman and Jennifer Lorusso purchased 15 High Meadow Road in Chilmark from Frank Lorusso, TRS, Joseph N. Eldeiery, TRS and High Meadow Realty Trust for $393,175 on April 10.


Long Pond Capital, LLC purchased 26 Saddle Club Road in Edgartown from Allan Helfand and Florence Helfand for $386,000 on April 8.

Oak Bluffs

Nicholas W. Nerney, TRS, and Nerney Family Nominee Trust 2 purchased Lot 2, Eddy avenue in Oak Bluffs from Dexter P. Nerney, TRS, Nerney Family Nominee Trust 1 and Nicholas W. Nerney, TRS for $25,000 on April 11.

Alison Stewart, TRS and Generation Skipping Trust purchased 16 Moss avenue in Oak Bluffs from Justina M. Healey for $710,000 on April 11.

West Tisbury

Nancy Antik purchased 206 Oak Lane in West Tisbury from Maria E. Donawa and Karen W. Mientka for $629,000 on April 8.

John M. Magliery and Allyson J. Magliery purchased 21 Duck Pond Road in West Tisbury from James E. Wojcik, TRS, Sarah A. Wojcik, TRS and Sarah A. Wojcik Revocable Living Trust for $655,000 on April 8.