The weather is psychotic and I, for one, am sick of it. Just tell me now, please, will I be needing to wear my Michelin tire jacket throughout the summer? In any case, signs of spring abound. The daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and forsythia stand bravely but shivering.

Eileen Bemus arrived to open her home and prepare for the onslaught. Roger Gary and Nancy Cohen arrived by surprise to celebrate Roger’s birthday on-Island and bring some grandkids to help open the old homestead. Familiar cars from past seasons are trolling our roads. Also, in the green thumb department, my farmer housemate informed me that the traditional time to prune the roses in this neck of the woods is on the opening day of the first Red Sox game at Fenway. Hope it still works.

Speaking of my farmer friend, Teri Lyn Praskach prepared a most delicious and lovely seder dinner for Nonna, Teri and me. It was her first and it went very well. As we had no small children to read, I, the big kid, did the readings. Teri searched for and found the afikomen. Same time next year.

My dear friend Gisele stopped by to visit and catch us up on her great family. As you know, 14-year-old son Gabriel Nascimento is in remission right now from a very serious cancer. The Make a Wish Foundation just sent the whole family — Gisele, Joalser, Gabriel and Emanuelly to Disney World in Florida. This was the first time the children had gone; Gisele and Joalser had visited as a pregnant married couple. The family stayed at an island resort surrounding Disney World. They spent one perfect week, and the weather cooperated. Safari Kingdom, Epcot Center, Magic Mountain, every wish was visited and satisfied. Gabriel will be graduating Tisbury School this year and going on to the high school. His spirits are good. If you wish to donate, call or email me and I shall give you a contact address. Way to go, Gabe!

Plenty of action still happening at the Vineyard Haven library. I almost stayed for the free movie last night, Dallas Buyers Club, but felt I should get home to Nonna. Next week’s free Tuesday night movie at 7 p.m. is highly recommended by my friend, Marge, — American Hustle. I’ll see you there.

Edson Rodgers, a man for all seasons, has snagged the famous Navy Chorus from Rhode Island to honor us on Flag Day with a performance at the Tabernacle, a parade, a get-together at our Post 257 American Legion. I have heard these amazing men and women sing before and it will bring tears to your eyes and hope to your heart. The lovely lady at Vineyard Harbor Motel has come up with accommodations, which was our biggest worry. Stay tuned for more information.

Prayers and get-well wishes go out to Trude Hart and Jan Stokes.

Belated birthday wishes to Roger McGary. Belated balloons to Jared Meader who celebrated yesterday.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Laurie Jennings, Lynne Whiting and Alexander Schultz today. April 19 is shared by Bob Tankard, Eleanor Whiting and Mary Marshall. April 20 is BJ Kennedy’s Airplane Day and Jeremy Berlin’s birthday. April 21 honors John Custer, Lauren Martin and Judy Nichols. April 22 shines on Doug and Andy Kaufman and Nancy Jephcote. April 23 is a party for Grace Gillespie, Elizabeth Clark and Ferd Beaulieu. And on April 24, Ann Wells, Dan Koch Sr., Jane Sherman and Alexis Stoudemire take the cake. Many happy returns.