On Saturday morning, starting at 10 a.m., Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs will be closed to traffic, but that doesn’t mean the street won’t be packed. In fact, it will be bursting with color, as all the kids from the Martha’s Vineyard Little League celebrate in uniform the opening day parade, beginning at the Oak Bluffs police station, running down Circuit avenue and finishing at Veira Park.

It looks like a bit like a garden party, the bright red of the Reds marching next to the yellow of the Orioles, mixing with the navy blue Dodgers, playing catch with the green Grasshoppers and rubbing shoulders with the bright orange Tigers.

Upon arriving at Veira Park the kids take their team pictures, enjoy a cookout and, of course, play ball! Games will take place all over the Island on Saturday, and include all age groups, from the dandelion pickers of Tee Ball, to the ace pitchers and home run hitters of the major leaguers.

Visit mvlittleleague.org for more details.