The weather is getting better and better. The heat is coming slowly. It is still chilly at night but we can handle that. The pear trees and apple trees are in full bloom and all of a sudden everything is green. I think that is worth a smile. Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Paige Anderson who celebrated her day May 3; Tayla BenDavid, May 5; Ruby DelloRusso, May 7, and to Jahzarah McIntosh who celebrated her day May 8.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Pam Dolby and her husband who celebrated their day on May 6. Congratulations to you both, and here is to many more years together.

The Edgartown Firemen’s Association is hosting a Museum Opening Day to welcome back our 1952 Mack. The antique truck has been off-Island for the winter getting a face lift. The newly restored truck is arriving on the noon boat Saturday, May 17, and is expected to arrive at the fire museum behind the fire station at around 1 p.m. They will have the grill fired up for a cookout, as well as games for the little ones. It should be a fun afternoon for families to check out the trucks. This event starts at 11:30 a.m., and should wrap around 2 p.m.

Chief curator Bonnie Stacy and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum have teamed up with Arcadia Publishing to create Martha’s Vineyard, a new pictorial history celebrating the Island. Martha’s Vineyard includes 220 photos from the museum’s extensive photograph collection that illustrate various aspects of the history of the Island. This collection, donated through the generosity of Islanders and visitors over the course of almost a century, provides a recordof the Vineyard from the 1840s to the 1970s. Many of them have never been published before.

Themes explored in the book include early occupations on the Island, particularly hunting, farming, sea trades, ice harvesting, brick making, boat building and shop keeping; the history of the Vineyard as a resort area focusing on the religious camp meetings and vacation hotels, and the vulnerability of the Island in dramatic weather. Images from all six Island towns are included.

Bonnie Stacy will talk about the book and share images from it at the launch on Tuesday, May 13, at 5:30 p.m. in the museum library. Admission is free but donations are encouraged. Martha’s Vineyard is available in the museum gift shop for $26.99 plus tax.

Ashley Spinney was the guest of honor at her bridal shower on Saturday, May 4, at Among the Flowers. The shower was hosted by her bridal party made up of maid of honor Heather Spinney and bridesmaids Amanda Hollyfield, Libby Bouck, Taryn Cummen and Jamie Lynn Orzuchowski.

Of course her mom, Sharon Spinney, and future mother in law Patty Mundt were among the guests who also included Ashley Crane, Lisa Stewart, Alayna Cohen, Trish Lyman, Roseanne Spinney, Nikki and Gail Palacios, Amy Heil, Jen O’Hanlon, Lizzie Wallo, Bryn McGrath, Evan Kavanagh, Meg Shai and Jade Deslauriers.

Kraig and Ashley will be married June 14 among her family and relatives in New Hampshire.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.