99 School Street LLC purchased 99 School street in Edgartown from Edwin B. Gentle Jr. and Frances M. Gentle for $1,200,000 on May 1.

Diane Crane and John Crane purchased 31 Old Farms Trail, lot 32, in Edgartown from Nature Conservancy for $650,000 on April 29.

Oak Bluffs

Meghan K. Kill purchased 24 Dolly Lane in Oak Bluffs from Elizabeth A. Oblachinski for $440,000 on April 28.

Nicholas Martin Catt purchased 8 Circuit avenue extension, unit 14, in Oak Bluffs from Sunlock LLC for $146,000 on April 29.

Cecelia M. Thompson purchased 2 Pennacook avenue, unit 205, in Oak Bluffs from Ava F. Washington for $480,000 on May 1.

Vineyard Haven

Derek M. Olsen, Lixin Z. Olsen, Stacia J. Chuairy and Raymond M. Chuairy purchased 126 Franklin Terrace in Vineyard Haven from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trs. for $333,000 on April 28.

Big Dipper Properties LLC purchased 48 Main street in Vineyard Haven from 48 Main Street Realty Trust and Michael Ryan Trs., for $1,200,000 on April 30.

Paul L. Wagner and Melanie D. Wagner purchased 260 South Farm Road in Vineyard Haven from Philip Decamp Fleischman, Trs., and Barnacle Realty Trust for $1,600,000 on May 1.

Long Trail Properties LLC purchased 10 State Road, unit 2, in Vineyard Haven from Katherine R. Kinsman Grillo Trs., Katherine R. Kinsman Trs., and Delano Realty Trust for $312,597 on May 1.

Arthur D. Smith Trs. and CB Trust purchased 31 Beach Road in Vineyard Haven from Edward Rosbeck Trs. and Beach Street Trust for $250,000 on May 2.

Erik Hammarlund purchased 10 State Road in Vineyard Haven from Delano Realty Trust, Katherine R. Kinsman Grillo, Trs., and Katherine R. Kinsman Trs. for $225,000 on May 2.

Eric H. Poehler and Kathleen Anne Poehler purchased 26 Cook Road in Vineyard Haven from William G. Poehler Trs. and Carl Poehler Jr. Irrevocable Trust for $263,000 on April 30.