Hurray, hurray, the month of May! Looking out at the strip of blooming tulips and daffodils in front of the Animal Shelter, we are enjoying a bit of warmth. Our kittens are now on their feet and will soon be roaming around learning how to use a litter box and eat solid food. Mama cat is ever vigilant, however. All of the above indicate that spring has indeed sprung.

Since this column last appeared two of our cats have gone to new homes. Pibby, who had been declawed in her previous life, has a new owner. Scout also left our care, but not our screens, since her “people” send us email updates, complete with pictures, on her progress. Foxy, a Maine coon cat who is only two years old, is hiding out in the cat room. The poor thing is overcome with confusion on finding herself in this new environment. Her former owner could not keep her due to the problem of finding rental housing in the tight Vineyard summer market. These lovely felines would love to be restored to permanent housing with a person who dispenses cat food and treats.

The lobby at the Animal Shelter is crowded with cages at this moment. Two more beguiling baby guinea pigs have arrived. They have been named Trixie and Alice. They are cousins to Lucy and Ethel and occupy a cage of their own. Ed, the father of all of them, occupies his own space as befits the handsome boar he is. Due to the present guinea pig housing shortage, the shelter would be grateful to receive any cages that might be taking up space in someone’s garage or that might appear at a yard sale.

Pink and Green weekend will be held this week in Edgartown. Come to the little park off Main Street to meet the Black Dog from the Black Dog who will be distributing ribbons and treats to the canines and their owners. That night our Gordon Healy will be singing at the Seafood Shanty, serenading those who come to dance to the live music.