The blossoms on the shadbush are welcoming along the byways. Spring brought temperatures into the 70s over the weekend. Fiddleheads are standing at attention along the roads and the skunk cabbage is in full greenery. The commonwealth dutifully painted the white as well as the yellow road lines with a fresh coat of paint, so there is no getting lost in the fog. Town meeting is over. State Road shall remain named as such.

Congratulations to Belinda Booker and her daughter Chantal who have both completed the Emergency Medical Technician course.

Charlotte Cook and her little dog Chloe have arrived for the season from her home in California. Her husband Craig will arrive soon. Charlotte’s friends, Jack and Wayne, arrived two days after she did and they welcomed Tony and Rebecca for the weekend. It was breakfast for all at the Aquinnah Shop.

Congratulations to David Lambert, my former co-worker at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, as he completes his 30th year at MVH and was so honored this week, along with many others who have reached their milestones.

Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop have arrived for the season and have already opened their HatMarCha Shop at the cliffs.

Paul Manning arrived home on Monday evening after another trip to Saginaw, Mich. He was accompanied by daughter Kayla, and especially by his first grandchild Kylee Rose. Kylee was welcomed to her Aquinnah home by her grandmother Theresa, her uncle Noah, aunt Jyl on her birthday, her cousin Robbie and by yours truly, GGMA June.

Condolences to Christopher and Kayla Manning whose mother Angelena Carroll passed away after a sudden illness on May 8 in Ann Arbor, Mich. Services were held in Saginaw on Saturday. Angie had created beautiful handmade blankets, pillowcases, quilting and stuffed toys for the arrival of her first grandchild Kylee Rose.

Gordon and Dona Perry will open the Dreamcatcher on Thursday for your dining pleasure or for an ice cream treat.

Jenna Petersiel and her canine companion Marley have been in residence across the way for the past few weeks. Jenna will open the Chilmark Tavern for the season on Sunday. She has a new chef this year, also named Jenna, and while there will still be a few favorites, there will be many new items on the menu as well.

Welcome to Louise Petersiel who has arrived for the summer to the neighborhood. Louise will be working at the Chilmark Store, which opened on Monday for the season.

Jane Slater has opened her antique store Oversouth for the 35th season in Menemsha. She has a nice collection of antiques to start the season.

The sun came out in time for Alexandra Taylor’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. We all expected thundershowers but they never arrived. This was the fifth annual block party and was as much fun as ever. Great food, libations, fellowship, music by Good Night Louise and innumerable cakes.

Capt. Hugh and Jeanne Taylor have arrived home from their winter in the Caribbean. They will be opening the Outermost Inn over the next week. Call for dinner reservations.

Isaac Taylor and his wife Noli and their children Emmett and Tillie have returned from a two-week trip to Texas to learn more about permaculture. Noli’s parents Charlie and Kathy were their critter sitters in their absence.

Julieanne Vanderhoop will be starting her pizza nights at the Orange Peel Bakery beginning on Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. Bring your favorite pizza topping, purchase the pizza and share your best topping with all.

Fellow genealogist and grandfather to five of my young cousins, Al Woollacott, will present at the Chilmark library on Thursday, May 21, at 5 p.m. for all to learn how to use the website for your genealogical resource.

Happy 28th anniversary wishes to Michael and Bettina Washington on May 17.

Happy anniversary wishes to Robert MacDiarmid and Beverly Wright on May 20.

Happy birthday wishes this week to Tom Seeman on May 17 as he shares the day with Erin Corbo, Kyle Killebrew and Aquinnah Witham. May 18 is a day of celebration for Grace Reeves, Genie O’Donnell, Faith Corbo, Malcolm Smith and Mark Wheaton. A very special birthday wish for Joan Kistner on May 19. Mimi Trimmer will party on May 20 and shares the day with Capt. Robert Kinnecom. Elsie Fantasia celebrates on May 21 and shares the day with Kathleen Kendrick and Jean Entine. Raise the flag — for none other than Bridget Tobin on May 22. Matthew Hayden, Jailynn Hill and Maureen Dolby Stanus party on May 22. Mia Rae Jeffers will be 11 on May 23.