Here are some sure signs of spring: the tennis courts at the bottom of Boxwood avenue are nearly filled every day and Morrice the Florist is in bloom. I must thank Kim O’Callaghan for years of devotion to her family business, Morrice’s, and praise the seamless hand over to new owner Emily Coulter. Emily and Kim share close ties, so it is really still in the family. I shall never forget Kim’s mom, Jan, who guided me through so many flower choices for so many years.

I ran into Alden Besse again at Cumby’s, which is sort of my unofficial office. He told me of the last meeting for the season of the Martha’s Vineyard Peace Council, which was a potluck supper. Unfortunately, I was previously booked, but I look forward to working with this caring group in the future.

Tisbury Senior Center wants to remind you to sign up for the free nature walk on Monday, May 19, at 12:30 p.m. at the center. This will be the second nature walk led by Susie Bowman. Call 508-696-4205 to register. Come see what our land bank has to offer.

John Holladay wears many hats, all of them artistic. The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library are proud to display his paintings on the lower level this month for the Art in the Stacks project. You may also view John’s work at my friend Louisa Gould’s gallery on Main street.

From my trompe l’oeil department: as so often happens when I read quickly with my aging orbs, I thought I saw a flier that read “meditation as an alternative to resolving disputes.” Lo and behold, upon more careful examination I saw it said “mediation as an alternative to resolving disputes.” This important forum is absolutely free and offered by Women Empowered, the wonderful group started by my friend Kaye Flathers. The forum is tomorrow at Howes House in West Tisbury at 10:30 a.m. until noon and is open to everyone. Save your seat by registering at 508-696-8880. Meditation is probably as useful a word as mediation. The only advantage of my aging eyes is that my three point shot is spectacular.

Confidential to Lyn K.: Nonna is reading a new Nelson B. DeMille book, The Panther. I have finished Anne Lamott’s Stitches and a wonderful book from Betty White and some of her favorite zoo animals. I have always adored Betty White. She can make anyone feel good. The next book on my list is by my good friend Jib Ellis. Jib has written Bandstand: the Search for Oak Bluffs. You can find it at our Bunch of Grapes.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along James Seccombe, Silvio Spiconardi, and Mary Jo Reston today. May 17 is a party for Marie Doubleday, Martin Simoni, Wesley Coelho Souza and Jenna Bagnell. On May 18, Nonna, a.k.a. Iole Gardella, turns 97, her first birthday on Martha’s Vineyard. May 19 honors Dot Eldefry, Zach Charter and Tony Gramkowski. May 21 shines on Rosie Bick. And on May 22, Bridget Tobin, Theresa King and Thomas Battistini take the cake.

Many happy returns.