Douglas H. Reece purchased Oxcart Road parcel in Aquinnah from William Waterway TRS, William E. Marks TRS, and Family Trust for $72,500 on May 14.


Matthew Lichtenberg TRS, Leonard Blum TRS and Pasture Way Realty Trust purchased 14 Marjos Way in Chilmark from Deborah Lomas, Steven Hoxsie, Mary Ann Hoxsie EST, Russell S. Hoxsie EST, Deborah Lomas TRS, Steven Hoxsie TRS and Russell S. Hoxsie Trust for $1,725,000 on May 15.


Matthew Millard and Jacqueline Lee Millard purchased 45 Dark Woods Road in Edgartown from Sheila F. Schwartz and Sheila F. Schwartz for $594,000 on May 15.

Steven Rysz and Teri Rysz purchased 102 Chappaquiddick Road in Edgartown from W. Douglas Clark and Margaret Q. Clark for $600,000 on May 15.

M. Dale Janes and Ingrid G. Janes purchased 18 Meshaket Road in Edgartown from Barbara Ronchetti for $758,000 on May 15.

Oak Bluffs

Eileen G. Pelletier TRS, Philip J. Pelletier TRS and Pequot Realty Trust purchased 20 Pequot avenue in Oak Bluffs from Glenna L. Smith, Lisa Smith-Lewis and Howard K. Smith for $762,500 on May 13.

Vineyard Haven

Eric Matthew Brooks TRS, Kristy Ann Brooks TRS and Eric Matthew Brooks and Kristy Ann Brooks Revocable Living Trust purchased 153 Fairfield avenue in Vineyard Haven from Patricia L. Pitchko for $425,000 on May 16.

Mark S. Tonnesen and Lynette B. Hodson-Tonnesen purchased 64 West Pasture Lane in Vineyard Haven from Suzanne O. Alberich for $1,262,500 on May 16.

West Tisbury

Donald H. Sibley and Michael H. Sibley purchased 40 Shadbush Lane in West Tisbury from Marian Arlene Sibley for $225,000 on May 12.

Christopher C. L. Anderson, Makenzie Brookes, Albert H. Schilling and Victoria G. S. Schilling purchased 36 Stone Bridge Road in West Tisbury from Gary Nelson TRS and Hazel B. Nelson Living Trust for $745,000 on May 14.