If you read this paper before noon today, hustle on down to Main street to watch the Tisbury School students in their annual march to the sea, the commemoration of all our military services. They will be carrying lilacs, azaleas, rhodies and many other fragrant blossoms that you can also detect in the air on every street you pass by. Of all the places I have been all over the world, of all the parades I have attended, this is the one that made me want to move here. I’ll see you there.

Monday, May 26, join me at 7:30 a.m. at our Oak Grove cemetery to help raise the more than 400 flags that honor those who served. Take-down is 3 p.m., just as many of you are needed. In between, join me at 9:30 a.m. at the American Legion Post 257 on Martin Road to step off for the annual march to the cemetery. All citizens, friends, current and past military, scout groups, visitors — all may join the march. After the laying of wreaths at the cemetery, you are welcome back at legion hall for refreshments. Don’t forget the town picnic at the Tisbury Waterworks from noon to 4 p.m. What a thoughtful, busy way to welcome the new season.

The legion is also holding its annual prime rib dinner on June 4, but a head count is needed as well as purchasing tickets in advance. Sounds like much of our social life centers around Post 257 over the next few weeks, right up to and including Flag Day on June 14. Edson Rodgers has worked so hard to make it a very special one this year.

Please do not forget to visit our Poppy Girl Anna Duarte, now in room 315 at Windemere. Anna so lovingly organized our poppy day for years. All poppies are made by disabled veterans and all of the profit goes to disabled veterans. Buy a bouquet or two.

Arriving on-Island in time for all these events are Bill and Jan Stokes from Waterbury, Conn. Jan was out already working on her garden the moment they parked in their driveway. This is Bill and Jan’s first opportunity to meet up with Laurie Marotta and Wanda Denton since last summer. Welcome to the ’hood.

Many thanks to many fine people who made Nonna’s 97th birthday so special last Sunday. Marvin and Susan Kanowith Klein arrived from L.A. in time to bring gifts and best wishes, Piper and Mary Afton made an appearance, Mark stopped by, Teri made a death by chocolate cake, which was appreciated by all and killed no one. Christina McCarthy and Amber Willoughby joined us for dinner. The phone rang with greetings all day — calls from New York, Chicago, many states and all her students. Same time, next year.

Confidential to Lyn K.: it was lovely to see you at the hospital today. I forgot to tell you what I am reading, Exodus by Deborah Feldman. Nonna is busy with a biography of Rosemary Clooney.

My heartfelt sympathy is with all of you going out to Pat Gregory’s family. I cannot get my head around this. Hold everyone close.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along James Gardella, Judy Crawford and Ambrose Seward today. May 24 shines on Bob Dylan, Jessica Walsh and Lindsey Rendall. May 25 honors Becky Jewett, Peter Campbell, Ruda Stone and Celeste Ewing. May 26 is a party for Chris Osborn, Jo Ann Murphy, Melissa Fleming, Cathy Gallagher and Jay Leno. May 27 is claimed by Shawn Townes, Shannon McAuliffe and Esme Ruth Towles. May 28 is the anniversary of Cheryl Stark’s jewelry store as well as her birthday! Cheryl joins Christian Keoni King in taking the cake on May 28.

Many happy returns.