Chilmark prepares to say goodbye to May, a wet, cold month, with the eternal hope that June will bring more seasonal temperatures and the accompanying cheer to both farmers and fishermen. The weather dominates our lives these days. Before the days of forecasts I suppose it didn’t get so much attention — it just happened.

Memorial Day was marked with proper solemnity by the Chilmark School students who took flowers to Menemsha and cast them into the harbor in honor of all who have served and died for our country. It was moving to know the true meaning of Memorial Day is being passed on to the next generations.

The weekend before was celebrated in the traditional holiday fashion. Many enjoyed family reunions, cookouts and beach days and many seasonal homes were opened and made ready for the coming vacation times.

The Hugh Weisman family of Chilmark and New York gathered at the Chilmark Community Center on Sunday last to celebrate a significant birthday in the life of Hugh, known to us all as the Chilmark Road Race director. In attendance were Jennifer, Danny, Timmy and Annie, who were joined by Ali, Malcolm and Ruby, and Margarite and Derik. We all send cheers to you, Hugh!

Jean Kantrowitz, a longtime Chilmark and Aquinnah seasonal resident, enjoyed a holiday weekend visit with her daughter, Lisa Kantrowitz, at the family’s new home on Chowker’s Creek in Quitsa. Grandchildren Alex and Olivia Fankuchen were part of the reunion. Jean lives in Lake Angeles, Mich.

Della Darling is back from Statham, N.H., for her extended stay at the family’s Quitsa home. Her daughter and son in law, Susan and Michael Greeley of Foxboro, came earlier in the week to prepare things for Della. She tells us that a celebration of the life of her late husband, Peter Darling, will be on July 12 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the family home. I will remind us all closer to the date. We all miss Peter and his annual cheerful arrival to Chilmark, his favorite place.

James Skelton and Stephen Judge of Middle Road and Boston enjoyed an exciting weekend in New York city. They attended the play, Act 1, written by Edgartown and New York resident, James Lapine. The play featured the acting of Tony Shaloub, a seasonal Chilmark resident. They report that the play and the performance were both superb. While in New York city, they attended the annual fundraiser for the McDowell Colony held at the New York Times Building.

Just a reminder . . . the Chilmark Tavern will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until late June.

Happy birthday from us all to Sam Feldman, Chilmark resident of South Road since 1988 and a fence viewer of note for the last four years. Sam will be sponsoring the May 30 evening service at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center in honor of his special day. Cheers to you, Sam!

Kara Taylor opened her art gallery for the season on May 23. She is at 24 South Road and will display some new work and some from the archives. She has an interesting website at that will show you some of her work and tell you about the artist.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum will introduce an exhibit about American whaling with the arrival in late June of the restored whaler, the Charles W. Morgan. There will be a talk at the Federated Church in Edgartown on June 3 from 5:30 to 7 p.m entitled The History of American Whaling by Eric Jay Dolin. Please contact the museum for details.

The Lazarus klan gathered as they do annually to open the family’s Middle Road home for the season. Billy Lazarus and his wife Sue Ellen, with Mary Ann Lazarus and her husband David Jay, were here along with Richard Lazarus and his wife Jeannie Austin. Also here were Laura Jay and Sophia Tu. They will all return throughout the summer months.

Pizza nights continue on Tuesdays at the Chilmark Community Church.

The PTO of the Chilmark School is hosting an art workshop night for adults on May 30 at the Chilmark Community Center from 6 to 9 p.m. The fee charged to take part will go to the PTO outing programs for the students such as their annual trip on the Shenandoah. Please call the school for details. The annual Chilmark School musical evening will be on June 4 at the community center.

Friends of Ed Colligan invite us all to a fundraising event at the community center on June 1 where there will be live talent, silent auction, a 50/50 raffle and more. Tickets are available at the door. Please contact Jenny at 508-360-5518 for more information.