Anne Rudner purchased 211 and 211B Middle Road in Chilmark from Nancy B. Glimcher, TRS, and Glimcher Investment Trust for $950,000 on May 19.


Charles C. Hajjar, TRS, Anne Tamer Hajjar, TRS, 22 North Water Street Realty Trust purchased 22 North Water street in Edgartown from CF House Inn LLC for $3,050,000 on May 20.

Karen Langford purchased 308 Chappaquiddick Road in Edgartown from Robert H. Clay for $350,000 on May 22.

Amended and Restated Edwin W. Harley Revocable Trust, Edwin W. Harley, TRS, Amended and Restated Ellen A. Harley Revocable Trust, Ellen A. Harley, TRS, purchased 25 Old Farms Trail in Edgartown from Storm Field and Debra Field for $650,000 on May 21.

Joan W. Norton purchased 12 Night Heron Road in Edgartown from Robert J. Fiske for $515,000 on May 21.

Heather McQueen purchased 9 Sparrow Lane in Edgartown from Scott Meserve and Denise Meserve for $520,000 on May 23.

Oak Bluffs

John Reagan and Lisa Reagan purchased lot 1, Atlantic avenue in Oak Bluffs from Sylvia M. Rhone for $470,000 on May 19.

Charles T. Morris purchased 21 and 23 Panola avenue in Oak Bluffs from Stephen W. Carr Jr., Shayna Seymour Carr and Shayna S. Carr for $660,000 on May 20.

Claire Phelan and Isiah Phillips purchased 4 Norris avenue in Oak Bluffs from Judith Hartford and Thad R. Harshbarger for $350,000 on May 22.

Vineyard Haven

Elizabeth M. Diehl, TRS, Henry A. Diehl, TRS and Henry A. and Elizabeth M. Diehl Trust purchased 191 State Road in Vineyard Haven from Sandra L. Healy for $519,000 on May 20.

Arthur Randall 3rd and Lynn M. Randall purchased 130 Hines Point Road in Vineyard Haven from Sarah G. Shepard for $1,650,000 on May 20.

Jacqueline Noel purchased 99 Summer street in Vineyard Haven from Stephen Berlucchi and Patricia Maeve Sheehan for $450,500 on May 22.