Edgartown police had an unusual lost and found call this weekend: a bag of heroin was found in an Edgartown park.

Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby said someone going to work in downtown Edgartown Saturday saw a plastic bag sitting on the foot path in a park tucked away off Main street. The person thought it looked suspicious and told a traffic cop, who in turn called a patrolman.

Detective Sergeant Dolby said the substance in the bag was field-tested and found positive for heroin; the bag contained about three grams of the substance.

“It appears as though someone just dropped it or it fell,” he said. The street value of the heroin is $600.

Edgartown police posted a picture of the heroin on the department’s Facebook page. “To whoever left their bag of heroin in the Edgartown mini park, we have it at the station. C’mon by,” the Facebook post read.

Detective Sergeant Dolby told the Gazette that it would be hard to find the owner and prove that somebody had possessed the heroin. The bag was seized as evidence and it will be destroyed, he said.

“It’s worth a lot of money to somebody,” he said. “But when you’re under the influence of something like that clearly it’s not surprising that people leave stuff lying around.”

“Obviously we’ve got people [overdosing] left and right these days,” Detective Sergeant Dolby said. “Heroin is no joke.”